10 Guidelines To Put A Lively Finish On 2011

I don’t know about you, but for me I find my mind has a tendency to write off getting anything of significance done between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Why I do this is unclear because the “now” is always loaded with possibilities.  Maybe it is the habit of falling fully into the distractions of this time of year.  I am more a sunny weather kind of person and the short days and the gray skies make me put my head down and push towards Spring. 

Like most humans I love a good distraction and this time of year has lots of things going on that allow me to be focused outward instead of inward.  I think of holiday programs, sports, shopping, movies and other things that keep me busy in a wait till next year kind of way.

This holiday season I am going to live more fully in the now and mine the richness of each day.  I will give thanks not because it is a holiday but because in fact I have many things to appreciate.  I love the holiday times because that means sharing with family and friends.  This is all positive stuff.  At the same time I want to stretch towards a more open heart, deepen my connection to my spirit, live with strength and intention, and be bold in taking actions to move my life forward.

Setting a few guidelines to help me finish this year strongly makes a lot of sense to me.

Here are my guidelines, which you are welcome to borrow, adapt or ignore:

  1. Set an intention each morning to be mindful of my: thoughts, intuition, heart, feelings and spirit
  2. Spread love and light, compassion and consciousness every day
  3. Make a plan to get our into the world, move that plan into action
  4. Sing more, move and dance to the beat of my soul
  5. Take time daily for meditation and other inner practices
  6. Get outside even in the wind and rain and enjoy nature
  7. Move into everything I do with passion, purpose and determination
  8. Do yoga, run, build strength, be fit, care for well-being
  9. Eat to energize, not anesthetize
  10. Have fun, choose happiness, enjoy life, laugh often

The next few days I will be visiting family near Portland and may not put up a new post.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you now is rich with possibilities.