Two Self-Reminders To Lift You Up

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day here on the Oregon Coast.  Today it is raining and windy. I went for a walk with my dog and we both got wet but the ocean is always uplifting to me. On days like this you just go out without thinking about it or you might talk yourself into staying inside and missing out on nature in the wild. 

I wanted to share with you two guiding reminders that I find take me higher as I go about my day.  The first is asking, “What feeds my soul?” The second reminder is, “How do I bring love to this experience?

What feeds my soul is such an important question if I want to live with greater freedom, if I seek to be a more fully realized human being, and if I want to live as a spiritual person in this life.  Since freedom, self-realization and living fully from my spirit are deep desires of mine, feeding my soul feels like what my life is meant to do.  Through nurturing my soul I have the opportunity to become a person of higher consciousness filled with the light of inspiration.

Bringing more love into every situation is both what works best and represents the highest of human expressions.  When my heart is present, I am filled with compassion for whatever situation I find myself in.  With love I am kind, caring, understanding, and accepting.  I want my heart fully open so I can access love as a powerful force for healing, for encouraging change, for spreading compassion out into the world that at times seems heartless.  As I write this two phrases from songs pop into my head: “all we need is love” and “love is all there is.” If I have my songs right I thank the Beatles for their inspiration. 

So if you want to join me and be guided by what feeds your soul and by the mighty wisdom of bringing more love into the world, I would appreciate company. 

Looking around and see where light is needed and where love is the answer.  Let these two ways of higher living guide you and open you to a richer expression of who you are.