Take Your Beliefs Lightly

When you live at the coast, weather is like the ocean it comes in waves.  Yesterday it was sunny, today it is raining but it can change very quickly.  To balance out the dreariness of the day, I have applesauce cooking on the stove and it smells really good in here.

Lately I have been wondering how do people become so sure of what they believe? (It seems the more I learn, the more I see how little I know for sure.) This sureness is to the point of being cemented and immoveable. This sureness of “I am right and you are wrong and I am not the least bit interested in your point of view,” is a very closed-minded way of being in the world. Even in the face of clear evidence to the contrary, people will hold on to their beliefs with no consideration of what else might be possible. 

This rigid way of being in the world is driven by the fear of the ego-mind that is trying to control all that seems out of control.  The ego-mind says, “I am right and I won’t even consider any other possibilities because I would have to let my guard down.” This protective mind is doing what it thinks it has to do to feel safe.  This is why questioning the mind is so important.  Everyone has beliefs that are simply not true so we all need to examine the thoughts that run non-stop through our mind.

Some people actually push other people away who think differently as if they might sabotage their control. This is also a false belief run by fear. If you watch the news opinion shows some even shout at others who think differently as if they are afraid of letting the other’s ideas in.  This display of anger is driven by their fear.  All rigidity and anger come from fear.

Yes we all have are own opinions about most things but hopefully we have an openness to seeing things differently when we gain new insights and awareness. Taking our beliefs lightly seems a more loving thing to do for ourselves.  Loving because we can be more open and receptive to the world around us.  Love and fear are considered by many to be the two basic emotions from which all other feelings come.  We are either dynamically engaged in the world with an open and loving heart and mind or we are protected and in heart and guarded in our thoughts.

In the now there is no mind created fear; there is instead hope, love, happiness and the freedom to be.  In the now if we take all of our beliefs lightly we are free to enjoy life and the many possibilities that are present.