Conversations With Nature, Soul, Self And Others

The rain of yesterday turned to blue sky and the waves no longer toss but roll toward shore. While walking the now rocky beach this morning, I felt the vibrations of nature in conversation with my inner dialogue. Now I feel it is time that I leave the comfort of my solitary conversations. The past work with others no longer weighs so heavily. There is the world out there that calls me. Unsure what that may look like, nature advises me that the flow of things will guide me.  Inward I trust that wisdom, outward my ego-mind says but there is too much unknown.

The way of the world these days seems to be about trusting the deeper wisdom more than the fear urges. That can be difficult, the outer crust of things is filled with chaos and uncertainty. The inner stillness is too often disrupted by my mind that wants assurance or something more solid than hope for tomorrow.  I understand that today is the best of what life has to offer but there is a sneakiness of the mind. That mind can slide down into worry and wanting control way too fast. A grasping ego is not so fun to have wander the halls of my mind.  The soul knows of things much grander.

The next step involves trusting in all that is possible, trusting in a purpose that is greater than any individual. As I hear the waves they counsel me to relax into the collective knowing and bring my ways of lifting others out into the world. This spreading of light and love seems most important.

Questions pop up and I have to avoid the too deep pothole called, I am not enough.

  • How can I be a brighter light?
  • How can invite the light in others out?
  • How can be more open in my heart?
  • How can I help others open their hearts more fully?
  • How can I live more in alignment with my higher purpose?
  • How can I assist others to find more purpose and meaning?
  • How can I open to the flow of the abundant Universe?
  • How can I help others open to their flow of abundance?

There is an interesting conversation here.  That conversation is about my expression expanding while helping others expand their expression. It is about me being more than enough even when the sticky questions arise. It seems assured that in the process of my assisting others, they too will assist me.  We can all grow together which lifts the collective consciousness.