Imagine A World Full Of Openness

You can be in the world with openness and take in so much of what it has to offer, or you can be closed down and live in a cave of fear.  There are degrees of being open and being closed. There are times where it makes sense to be protected and cautious.  However most of the time the best and most dynamic way to be is open in your mind and heart. 

What would life be like if you were able to be expansive in your mind and open in your heart?

Imagine taking in ideas with the kind of receptivity needed to understand. 

Imagine having the compassion to feel what is really needed

Imagine tuning in and hearing what the world needs now from you

Imagine having the courage to make a difference

Imagine living by your highest values

Imagine having a heart that can accept without judging

Imagine living a life in the dynamic of being fully present

Imagine listening and being guided by your spirit, soul, or Higher nature

Imagine powering up each day and going out into the world with passion

Imagine believing in yourself, your worthiness

Imagine being free of the need for approval

Imagine letting go fully of what limits you

Imagine expressing your genius, your greatness

Imagine living in the aliveness of your creative expression

Imagine living with purpose and meaning

Imagine loving without limits

Imagine experiencing the joy of a fully realized life

Imagine having the determination to bring about positive change

Imagine living expansively in all you do 

Imagine expressing more and more of your potential

Imagine being a bright light out in the world

Imagine tapping into endless inspiration

Imaging living in a body powered up for success

Imagine expanding to the highest states of consciousness Imagine tapping into the abundance of the Universe

Imagine experiencing the freedom, hope and peacefulness of the now

I suspect you are getting the point here.  Being open in your heart and expansive in your mind offers so many benefits. It seems an obvious choice, to be open even in a world where fear is present in so many.