Three Ways To Be More Open Now

My post yesterday talked about the benefits of being open in your heart and mind and that is seems obvious the best idea to choose openness.  So how do you find your way to being more open than you already are?  I want to suggest three ways to be more open today. These idea are not new especially if you stop by and ready my blog regularly but they are important and can change you and the world.

1.          Love and Accept Yourself – this one is very challenging because most of us carry old messages around with us we picked up as children.  We also most likely have an inner critic this is highly self-critical of who we are.  Actually our past messages and our inner critic may be one in the same.  Those old messages have turned into critical voice in your own mind.  All the past ideas about self and the reoccurring judgments of who you are, need to be replaced with lots of positive support and encouragement.  One affirmation that is very powerful to start reprogramming your mind is: “I totally love and accept myself.”  Say this throughout your day until it becomes your reality.

2.          Be Guided By Your Wise Mind – There are much greater capacities within you than your ordinary mind. These capacities exist in what can be called your higher nature, your Spirit, your soul, wise mind, and by other names. This open and expansive way of being is made available to you through tuning into the peaceful silence beyond the constant chatter of the monkey mind. Wise Mind, your spirit, your higher nature communicates to you through your intuition, through your gut instincts, through the wisdom of your heart.  Silence is the golden doorway and meditation is the most powerful practice to open that doorway. Take a few minutes today to sit quietly, go for a relaxed walk or watch the cycle of your breath in a meeting, while waiting in line or in traffic.

3.         Live In This Moment – The now is where everything that matters is available.  The past is over; you never arrive in the future. This right now is what you have to work with.  If you take the time to be present, you are open to infinite possibilities.  All fear and other difficult emotions happen because you leave the now.  All love, joy and positive emotions an only happen in the now. Take a moment right now and take a long relaxed breath pushing out all the air and then letting the lungs breathe in deeply. Now right now anything is possible.  Mindfulness is a wonderfully powerful practice to assist you in living fully in the now. Today become your best friend and be mindful of when you are open and when you are closed. No judging but simply notice you and your response to the world around you. Sometimes insights are very enlightening.

There is great hope in the now and in yourself when you are open and present.