It’s Time To Let Yourself Be Inspired To Greatness

I love Ted Talks and the one I saw today surprised me because of what I learned.  What is it about extraordinary ideas and how they fire up your brain? Watching this talk about algorithms, who would have guessed such a topic would be of interest. More than interest it turned my mind into an idea machine.  This is the first of 18 Ted Talks in a series over at Huffington Post about ideas that will impact 2012.  Wow if they are all like this the next 18 day will send my mind into orbit. 

Speaking of minds in orbit, what has your mind buzzing lately? Can you feel change in the air and calling you to get involved in something that matters?  These times seem to call you (and many more) to find your genius your greatness because it is so needed.  What genius, what greatness is waiting or awakening in you?  What help do you need to more fully express who you feel called to be?

Inspirational ideas are so powerful, they seem to trigger my mind in ways I very much appreciate.  One moment I can be spinning in place filled with uncertainty and then I get inspired by some great ideas and I am off to inspiration land where I can hardly write fast enough to capture all the is flowing through me. This flow is not only ideas but the energy of aliveness. Inspiring ideas generate brain waves of activity and put the body on alert to move into bigger possibilities.  A rush of cascading ideas and body chemicals makes life seem glorious with potential.


You probably didn’t notice but between this line and previous one, my dog Pax and I went for a long walk on the beach. It was low tide, which means we can walk on more beach. I had the great joy of sitting on a log and meditating as the warm sun kept me very comfortable. I also came back home with a pocketful of agates.

Inspiring ideas are such a gift to all of us. People who can turn on your mind and heart are such a precious blessing to you and the world.  When was the last time you felt fully alive with ideas, felt the passion of your body activated for action?

The Internet has endless resources to lift you and I up and all it takes is a few minutes to explore sites like YouTube and Ted Talks.  With just a slight shift through the energy of inspiration you can feel ready to be the calling you feel inside. You are greatness waiting to be realized, you are genius waiting to be expressed.