Creativity Offers Fresh Solutions

Where did this week go? It seems to have flown by and so did the month of November.  I guess I better get more focused so I don’t get left behind.

Creativity has been in my thoughts often lately.  The creative process fascinates me.  I am so interested in where the inspiration for creative expression comes from. I also believe that creativity has a very prominent role to play in the world as we witness the changes it will go through in the next few years. 

We live in times where creativity is where we must turn to find the solutions needed for the many social/political problems that face our nation. There are many parts of our system that are no longer working for the majority of people. The Occupy Movement is the squeaky wheel informing us that things are not working. 

So where do we turn? I suggest we turn to people outside of the broken systems to bring creativity and ingenuity to the search for ways to make things work better.  Those who are in the middle of the problem are unable to step back enough from it to offer innovative solutions.

Take the political process where all that happens is the same old ideas recycled every time there is another election. The solutions offered in this system are what created the problems. There must be a way to be creative in exploring new possibilities.  The political process is deeply mired in old stale thinking reinforced by those that don’t want things to change.

Tell me the last time you heard a politician present a creative solution that made sense?  Our economic system and educational system are not working any better.  We need creative ideas and the kind of open minds that can bring fresh light to the necessary conversations. Creativity will translate directly to better solutions, to new ideas, to more expansive education, and to more needed solutions.

Beyond the systemic issues there is a great personal benefit from creative expression. When was the last time you were involved in creative expression? If not recently and you are feeling stuck, stale or stagnant it is time to get out your creative implements and start writing, making songs, painting, doing collage, creating poetry, designing, taking pictures, and getting inspired. You will feel more alive and more hope when you are engaged in the creative process.