Together, Interdependent, Dreaming Big

Last night I was standing on the shore overlooking the moonlight shining on the ocean. The dazzling blue was so beautiful. As I turned to head home I saw the closest falling star I have ever seen. I looked up and thought wow what is that flying by so quickly and then I saw a trail of sparks and it disappeared.  I had a thought that things were going to work out just fine. Why I had that thought at that moment I don’t know but it was a good thought so I think I will keep it.

My thinking lately has also been about the interdependence of us all on this beautiful Earth. We live in an interdependent world now more than ever. I wonder if most people are even aware of how much we depend on each other.  This planet has gotten to be a smaller place where instant communications keeps us all connected. How we treat the planet affects everyone on it. How conscious we are affects the collective consciousness. How compassionate we are affects those around us and spreads out everywhere.

Let’s take a few minutes to look at what this interdependence means. Being so connected it seems important that we keep that in mind in all that we do. This connection means we are more one big family rather than people we need to compete with to survive.  Our survival is really the survival of all of us.  What is best for us is also about what is best for the rest. 

It seems the only thing that really divides us are our thoughts not any physical reality. Boundaries between countries don’t really even exist, except on a political realm where “us versus them” seems real even though it isn’t. Political and religious beliefs are just words that keep us separate but do they really need to cause us to not get along? What if these differences are only ideas that don’t really exist?  Can we change our ideas and beliefs if we want to?

If we really understood the nature of our connections to one another wouldn’t we have more compassion for each other? What if we got to the understanding that there are no enemies except in our thoughts? Wouldn’t the world be a better place for all of us?

What if we fully honored our shared humanity? What if we kept in mind our oneness, our connection to each other, our interdependence, our shared consciousness, and our infinite capacity to be compassionate and understanding? Together we could bring about all the necessary changes needed into today’s world so everyone can have all their basic needs meet. Then we all could be free to flourish.

You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one.” Please find the place within where we all connect and let’s move forward for a better world for everyone.