Are You Really Seeing What Is?

Today I drove round trip to Portland to take my wife to the airport. It was a long day on the road about 7 hours. When I got back, I said hi to my dog and off we went to the beach. It was so renewing to walk along the ocean. It seem like the late afternoon was vibrant with energy.

Do you ever come back to things and see them totally differently? Have you ever changed a thought about something and then looked at it from the new perspective?  How come two people can look at the same thing and see something totally different?  Have you ever been blinded by your emotions?

Seeing is rarely as clear as you think it is. Someone else may miss the obvious to you. What others see about you, you may never see.  Beliefs can be blinding to the truth.

Seeing happens at a number of levels for me and I suspect for you also. Here are some ways I see the world:

I see the obvious but may miss the subtle

I see through my eyes what is familiar

I think I see but my experiences too often shades what I am looking at.

I see through my beliefs and that can put up barriers

I see through my intuition, which guides from a deeper knowing.

I see through my ability to step back or rise above the story or drama

I see with impartiality when I can drop the need to judge

I see with kindness when I can be accepting of myself and those I interact with

I see through the longing of my heart wanting to connect to others in meaningful ways.

I see what I go looking for but may miss what is in front of me

I look into the past and may miss the truth of the present

I look toward the future and don’t see the opportunities of the now

I see through the eyes of fear and am blinded by worry

I see only straight ahead when I get locked on a task

I look for approval when I feel self-doubt

I see what is wrong when my mind is negative

I see myself as powerless when I slip into blaming

I see with greater clarity when I am quiet within

I see only love when I am in love

I look outside myself to feel ok when I haven’t found my center

I see through the collective consciousness and have more understanding and deeper insights.

I see through my soul with its infinite perspective.

What do you see?