Take The Journey Inward

On the drive up to Portland I listened again to an interview of David Whyte on Sounds True (enter Sounds True there ->) a marvelous poet, philosopher and mystic.  If he is ever in your city for a talk or to read his poetry, you must go see him and be blessed by his words. 

David Whyte’s interview reminded me that the most important journey in this life is the one that goes exploring inward.  He shared the importance of exploring what is going on with your soul and heart.  The inner journey is what makes life worth living. 

How much do you turn your attention inward?  Do you take the time to listen to the wisdom within your silence?  

If you are willing to turn inward you will receive the ever generous benefits of self-discovery.  You can also find out what the essential conversation in your life is.  Where is the greatness, the genius in you wanting to be invited out into the world?  How do you find the energy of a purpose filled life?  Are you willing to go inward and explore what has meaning for you, what makes you feel most alive, what stirs your soul to be a light in the world?

The daily doings of life can fill every minute unless you set time aside.  Even if for brief minutes you give yourself the gift of tuning inward, or hearing the voice of your intuition, your soul.  In those encounters the potential of all you are can be released into your life.  This liberation of your potential is about your interior wisdom guiding you to a fuller expression.  It will be difficult to access the fullness of your genius or your greatness without contact with the spirit of who you are.

Four brief practices to explore:

  1. When you awaken in the morning see the results you want to create that day, breathe deeply and visualize these successful outcomes and then set your strategy for your actions. Be open to your inner guidance.
  2. Each hour take at least two minutes to listen inward, sometimes having a journal really helps letting the guidance flow out.  The more your practice this opening to guidance the more it flows into your awareness.
  3. Four times per day take the time to write down what you are grateful for.  This practice tunes you inward and appreciation is a great magnet for attracting success.  You could begin the day in appreciation, then lunch-time, after dinner, and before you go to sleep or whatever works best.
  4. Set time aside daily for significant time for listening inward through meditation, walking mindfully, contemplative prayer, or journal writing.  As you listen and feel the truth of your inner wisdom begin to explore what your essential inner conversation is so that more and more you are able to set yourself free to all that is possible within you.