Eight Great Ways To Activate Your Brain

Lately I have been reading a very interesting book that I am sure almost everyone would find very helpful.  How God Changes Your Brain by Andrew Newberg and Mark R Waldman is full of findings that will enhance your life in more ways than you can imagine. I started browsing through this book at Powell’s Book Store on Friday and couldn’t wait to get home and read it.  Before I went to sleep I read part of it to my wife in bed.  I am confident that reading this book will enrich my life and yours profoundly

The following are 8 ideas you will want to start implementing in your life immediately:

The Eight Best Ways to Exercise Your Brain

The # 1 best way to exercise your brain is to have faith in what you believe in.  Faith in yourself, faith in your spiritual life, faith in your heart, faith in those you love, and in all things that matter.  Faith makes it possible to be optimistic and to have hope.

The #2 best way to exercise your brain is to dialogue with others.  This kind of communications is where we have meaningful conversations with each other.  Our brain stays healthy when we have social interactions and talk about abstract ideas like finding your center, exploring consciousness, and how to be more compassionate.

The #3 best way to exercise your brain is to do aerobic exercise.  Exercise makes you stronger in body and mind.  Exercise that makes your heart and lungs work enhances your brain functions.  Vigorous yoga is great exercise for the brain.  Think more oxygen and a bigger heart. 

The #4 best way to exercise your brain is to meditate.  I have mentioned this practice often and this confirms its importance for are well being.  As a way to be connect to our spiritual nature this is got to be the best.  A calm and peaceful mind is a wonderful friend to have in life.

The #5 best way to exercise your brain is to yawn.  Yeah now whenever I yawn I can tell someone I am exercising my brain.  Yawning has been linked to brain activity that helps to generate social awareness, empathy, a relaxation response, memory enhancement and much more.

The #6 best way to exercise your brain is to consciously relax.  This means you practice a relaxation technique, use calming music, scan your body and release tension.  Repetitive activities like knitting and saying a rosary can have a deeply calming affect and reduce the tension in your body.  Stress breaks you down and relaxation energizes.

The #7 best way to exercise your brain is to stay intellectually active.  Keep reading and exploring ideas, play chess or other strategy based games.  Imagination is a wonderful way to enliven your brain and to realize the success you desire.  Go to the library and get books on CD’s and listen to them.

The #8 best way to exercise your brain is to smile.  Smiling makes you feel good.  People treat you better when you smile.  Smiling stimulates brain activity and increases a positive sense of self.  If you put a smile on your face when you drive in traffic you will feel less stress according to Thich Nhat Hahn a monk who teaches smiling as a life enhancing practice.

Please take the time to read these descriptions in full starting at page 150 (paperback) in this fact filled and big thinking book.  These ideas are just a few of the many you can benefit from almost immediately.   Remember an active brain is a happy one and it will make you feel Divine. 

Thank you Andrew and Mark for all the work you did to make this book possible.  This book will make a really positive difference for the many people you help.