Hourly Appreciations For Happiness and Success

Lately it seems the universe is conspiring to remind me of the importance of appreciation and gratitude.  I keep running into reminders about the power of being grateful.  I decided that since this message keeps coming my way I better pay attention to it.  My plan is to bring my attention to what I am appreciating throughout my day. I invite you to join me in exploring and playing with this idea. 

Here is the practice:  I will call it “Hourly Appreciations” - At least once an hour I commit to making note of what I am appreciating in the moment.  I can review the hour and note what I feel appreciation for.

Let me give you an example of what this past hourly appreciation might look like.  As I look at all that I appreciate about the last hour of my life, what I am aware of is appreciating that my two-hour run is over and that my body is healthy and fit enough to do this run. I appreciate that there is a beautiful sunset as if the setting sun in a last minute effort burst through the dark clouds to let its light shine. I appreciate the relaxed walk on the beach with my wife and dog. I appreciated coming into a warm home. I appreciate the inspiration for dinner and the warm shower while that dinner cooked in the oven.  I appreciate that the dinner tasted good.  Busy hour wasn’t it and so much to appreciate.  This appreciation was last night.

Another example of an appreciation is right now as I edit my post for today.  I appreciate the blue sky this morning, the reading of the comment by someone I know on my post from yesterday, and the sound of the ocean as I write.  I also appreciate the morning quiet and the warmth inside on a 43degree morning. I am grateful for another day to explore and express love and light.   

Appreciation brings happiness and with a hourly dose of appreciation, I will have lots of happiness in my life.  Could you use more happiness in yours?  Commit to focus on what you appreciate about your life and you will be a happy person.

As I thought of this practice I was concerned about committing to an hourly note taking so I decided it was best to at least giving a verbal appreciation every hour.  Today is November 8 2011 and I commit to an hourly appreciation for the next 30 days. 

I fully suspect many positive things to happen because of this practice.  Appreciation brings more to appreciate.  I will share the highlights of the results my appreciation creates.  Please share yours also.