The Universe Looks Out For You: A Story

First a reminder note to encourage the hourly appreciations practice.  Day one went well with lots of appreciations and feeling positive about that.  I do feel the happiness of appreciation.


I found this photo on Facebook yesterday and I thought it was a perfect reminder. It seems to have come from

My novel writing is cooking and I have now over 20000 after 8 days.  I am averaging about 2500 words per day which is about 800 more then needed to make 50,000 word goal.  It is so much fun just going with the flow and not trying to do the great American novel.  I plan to take a few more days to complete the story and then fill it out for the rest of my words.

I wanted to share a short story with you from my novel.  It is about a guy who breaks from an abusive childhood and an early addiction to alcohol and transforms his life.  In this chapter he is sharing about an experience he had with what he calls a “Divine Mother re-incarnate” while he is spending time in Northern India in a cave exploring his Buddha nature.

The main character shares one of his interesting encounters with Mother Amma.

I had just left my cave and begin to go for a walk and there was Mother standing in the middle of the path.  In shock I blurted out, “what are you doing here?”  She blurted back, “where do you think you are going and she told me to get back into the cave and get focused.”  She literally chased me into the cave.  I was surprised but was thinking I guess she knows what I need better than I do.  When we got into the cave she started rolling on the ground and laughing so hard.  She was having fun giving me grief.  I was soon on the ground with her howling at the trick she had played on me.  We laughed in waves of energy and it filled us both with such joy.  Mother said, “You have been taking all of this sitting too seriously.  I thought I better get up here and give you a hand. You needed a good laugh and I knew I could bring that to you.”

I asked if she was traveling nearby. She said casually “not really, but I can go anywhere I want to.”  Then she was gone.  I laughed for a while longer and then went back outside.  As I turned the corner this time I saw a huge boulder now in the middle of the path.  The way I see it she came to save my life also.   I stood there in awe of her and in deep thanksgiving that the universe kept looking out for me.  

That the universe looks out for us is something I know to be true.  Presently I am exploring how to keep the flow of the universe happening.  Sometimes it seems I get in the way of things, not intending to, but out of old patterns. Do you every get in your own way or block what you want?  I suspect we all do that at times? Opening is the challenge when you are not sure how you are in the way.