Clarifying Intention Enhances Attention

When I look out at the ocean, I am impressed by its power and beauty and its rhythm. This rhythm of expansion and contraction, of wave in and wave out, of tides that give and take, of massive concussion to quiet ripple. There is no battle, just flow, no worry about the future or concern about the past. There is just the ocean being itself free of expectations.

(My view this morning as I went for a walk.)

My walks often turn in meditations along the shores of the Pacific. This landscape is about the now and is full of insights for the listening heart. I see myself more clearly in the simplicity of nature undisturbed by the chaos of much of life. There is a further shift, I sense, needs to happen. I listen even more deeply.

How do you bring about a deeper change when you know it needs to happen? Sometimes all that is needed is just a small shift and everything falls into place. Other times the work that is required involves a whole new outlook.  What kind of change do you need, small shift or major renovation?

It seems my outlook is good, my mind open, my heart is more than willing so making a small shift seems to be what is called for at this point in life. There was a big shift here to this new home. Now fine tuning is about being ready for success. I listen even more deeply for the knowing in me beyond the ordinary mind. My intention is to do what is needed and I await the guidance.

Intention and attention come to mind. My intention needs to be adjusted in a way that opens things up. Once my intention is clear then I can put the attention of my mind and heart on what I want to do. Spreading light and love has been my intention and I am sure that is what I want to be doing however I need to spell that out more clearly.  What I want to do is raise the collective consciousness and spread the importance of compassion and loving-kindness.  That feels right as I write it.

If my intention is to raise the collective consciousness I can do that in several ways at least. The first is to raise my own consciousness and meditation and mindfulness are wonderful practices for doing so. I will expand those practices in my life.

The second way is to invite others to raise their consciousness and I am doing that by writing, blogging, and social networking. I will expand that by creating opportunities to give talks, presentations and workshops. 

If my intention is to spread the importance of having compassion for self and others and to practice loving-kindness then I must do that first with myself and with those I interact. I can also write, blog, and social network about why compassion is needed and how loving kindness enriches us all. Out in the world I can create opportunities to share these ideas including talks and workshops.

The fine-tuning or smalls adjustment process is ongoing. The feedback is the results I create. So if things start happening then I am heading in the right direction. I am looking forward to things happening in a more vigorous way.