Fascinated By The Flow

Late in the afternoon yesterday I ran along the mouth of the Alsea River, which pours into the Pacific Ocean through a sleepy Oregon town called Walport. The tide was going out and I was running along the powerful current that was rambunctiously interacting with the ocean in the form of waves in every direction and whirlpools. The energy of the flow was amazing.  I can still feel it as I write this almost four hours later.

Flow is a word I love because it feels so alive and in the moment. I was thinking about the kind of flows that happen in our life.

There is the timeline flow from birth until the big chill.

There is the flow that is us before this lifetime and will continue on for infinity.

There is the flow of our breath that when watched is called meditation.

There is the flow of the love in a variety of relationships we enter into and sometimes exit in a bumpy way.

There is the flow of blood in its dance with our heart.

There is the flow of energy on meridian pathways called chi.

There is the flow of inspiration that comes to us when we create.

There is the flow of prosperity when we tap into a greater source.

There is the flow of night to day and the cycles of the moon.

There is the flow of insights when we are open to growth.

And all the other wonderous flows we are blessed to partake in.

 It is a wonderful feeling to tap into the flow of the gifts of life with appreciation and gratitude?

Still feeling the high current of the ocean/river merging I feel myself wandering how we create a flow in our own life? The flows above are part of our lives but what if we want to make something happen? Can our intention create a flow? Can living our purpose be a powerful flow?

What flows do I want to create as something I leave with the planet when I come to the end of my time as a physical body. Several flow projects come to mind immediately:

One is an ever-expanding flow of compassion and loving-kindness. This flow is innate within us if we keep our hearts open. If we close down along the way and many of us do sometime or another, then how can we find the way to take down the walls and let the flow go? More loving-kindness and compassion would be a really good thing at this point in human history.

Another flow is toward higher consciousness, which is part of the plan of our soul. Abraham Maslow, who studied what was healthy about people, believed we have to continue to grow to feel okay about ourselves. That makes sense and awareness and insight into who we are expands our consciousness. The more conscious we become the more the collective consciousness expands. That would also be a good thing.

I seem to have arrived at the similar two important topics as I did in yesterday’s blog post. Maybe this is about how do I enter into a greater flow living vibrantly and purposefully with these two directions of compassion and loving-kindness, and expanding consciousness? I know they are both needed. I also know I have a passion for them and the skills to deliver.