Six Essential Steps To Master The Art Of Receiving

Recently a reader of my blog left a wonderful comment about receiving and it stimulated a flow of ideas that I became very excited about. The excitement sprang from that fresh perspective and experiences his comment stirred in me.

As a result, I went to work journaling about how to be open to receiving. I use my journal to tap into my higher mind and the guidance from my soul. This is what came to me in bright flashes of insight:

Receiving Of Flow

Begins as an opening

With an opening, comes a trickle

That expands into a steady flow

Then a vibrant stream begins to stir

This over time becomes a powerful river

Along the way you remain open, receptive and grateful

Then you and the flow become one in an ocean of abundance

Now Is Where Peace And Joy Reside

Each day is a new day. This moment is totally fresh if you don’t bring thoughts from the past or worries about tomorrow to clog it all up. In this moment you can create whatever experience you want.

You don’t have to be haunted by a past relationship, or something you felt you should have done better. This moment is free to be fully experienced as wonderful moment in your life.

Too often you can show up with a trail of regrets and disappoints and fill what could be amazing with what wasn’t. Have you ever done that? It doesn’t have to be that way.

You can let all that isn’t happening go. You can release the past hurts and regrets. If you don’t, you carry them with you. Then you miss out on what good things are happening because you are too busy with what went wrong.

Living moment by moment makes if possible to enjoy the gift of the present. The present is truly where:

Entering the Stream Part II

After I posted Entering the Stream below something deeper in me was triggered. Last night in my dreams I experienced myself as connected with this huge mighty river that flowed both powerfully and peacefully. Have you ever stood along a big vibrant river and heard how quiet it could be? Yet if you stepped into it, you would be pulled down stream with incredible force. 

Imagine consciously joining into the flow of such power as this river.

Imagine the 80% water that you are made up of is flowing in the freedom of this river of life.

Imagine this flow is made up of all the love and compassion on this planet.

Imagine this flow is the light of the highest consciousness.

Imagine this flow being the abundance of the entire Universe.

Imagine this flow being the aliveness and energy from the source of all creation.

Imagine this flow and you as one.

The reality is that you are much more the flow of the Universe than you are a separate body, or a personality. Forget the life long programming, step back from arguing for your limitations, instead move boldly into the greater reality of your expanded nature. You and the Universe are One.

Entering The Stream

I am blessed to live in a beautiful place where nature touches me deeply each day. There is a stream I often walk into that crosses our beach as it enters the ocean. I love stepping into the flow of this clear aliveness. It is as if I am renewed and realigned in some essential way.  Nature has that capacity. I am sure you have noticed that.

Since moving here I have come to feel my connection with nature like never before. I realize that all that surrounds me is also within me.

I join with the flow of the stream.

I breathe in the negative ions of the ocean that naturally uplift.

The forests that surround us nurture me.

I drink from the stream of life with gratitude for the gift of living each day.

I am water; my body is much more like a stream with cells flowing than something fixed and inflexible. 

I feel great appreciation for the beauty of the world around me I am enriched by it. My heart and my mind both wonder how can I begin to give back all I am given.

Note: I am changing my blog posts. They will be shorter because I know your time is very valuable. I will share my ideas briefly and to the point. Please let me know what you think of my changes. Also I would love for you to sign my for my email list. I will treat you and your email with great respect.

Check This Out: A few days ago I listen to a TED Talk by Paul Gilding titled: The Earth Is Full.  It shook me up like a rude wake up call. I knew things were not going well as far as our human impact on the planet but this was too much reality to be ignored.  I would encourage you to listen to Paul Gildings talk.

I hope you will consider joining me and together we can enter the stream of life and look out for each other.

A Call To Your Light

Be aware: the following words flowed from me and if you are not careful they might infect you with bigger possibilities and turn your inner light on. They are for you from the me that is not separate.

I am an ocean of consciousness.

As the rain pours down my separation joins with the stream.

I flow to the source.

I Am but I am not what I thought I was.

The wind carries me upward and away.

Sometimes the cosmic dust gets in my eyes

Into it all but a drop

Joining dissolving but still infinite and eternal

Awakening, then forgetting

Stepping bravely and then returning to the familiar

Outside, inside, everywhere

Stepping back for a look

Reaching with my heart, opening

Standing strong with what is right

Entering the mystery

Like a flock of birds in coordination

Inward, outward, nowhere

Stars of which I come

Big bang flashes the beginning

Now I run to leap out on the edge

I was, I am, I will be

Pure freedom is a wonderful song

Shall we dance and sing together       

Words are such fun to explore, like painting a picture with orderly shapely marks too contained for an abstract painter but just right for the prose artist.

Where are you in this moment?

How are you being informed by your inner knowing?

Have you appreciated the beauty around you?

In the journey of awakening, the light comes on for glimpses of possibilities and if you lean into that light you can stretch the Ah-Ha for a lifetime. If instead the mind wanders out of the now, that light quickly fades into a buzz of the familiar.

Insight arises, opportunities present themselves and you can bath in them and allow them to soak into your spiritual membranes or be too busy to pay attention.

If you are willing to give this moment your full attention, you will open to the presents of the present.

Now feel the foot as it touches the floor, let that awareness sink deeply into the Earth Mother. Feel the now flowing with aliveness. Keep the foot awareness and the now stays in your lap.

Breathe, follow, breathe, follow, breathe follow.

The grace of the moment helps you find hope, heart, and the humility to realize you are but a drop in the ocean of consciousness, a grain of sand in the infinite universe but also contained within you is all consciousness and the entire ever-expanding universe.

I invite you to honor who you are and take the time to be mindful, to stretch yourself out into what is possible. The world needs you so much right now to be bold and rambunctious about life.

You are infinite in your nature yet you, as the rest of us do, argue for your limits.  “Argue for your limits and they are yours,” from Illusions by Richard Bach. 

You have been programmed since you were so small to believe in your limits. Now these beliefs run your life and they are not true. That is what is, but it doesn’t have to remain so. There is no blame but the loving acceptance of you as you are, reading this knowing there are greater possibilities in you waiting to be realized.

Now make a commitment to yourself, with all the courage of your heart and the determination of your higher mind, to be more fully your potential every day.  In a year you will be a star that shines brightly on the stage of life and we will all be so grateful to you for being you.

In case you were wondering what The Inner Conditions for Happiness are: Be Present, find appreciation in the now, be at one with beauty, be creative, hold in your heart a sense of flourishing and fulfillment, be in positive mind, and serve others. 

Fascinated By The Flow

Late in the afternoon yesterday I ran along the mouth of the Alsea River, which pours into the Pacific Ocean through a sleepy Oregon town called Walport. The tide was going out and I was running along the powerful current that was rambunctiously interacting with the ocean in the form of waves in every direction and whirlpools. The energy of the flow was amazing.  I can still feel it as I write this almost four hours later.

Flow is a word I love because it feels so alive and in the moment. I was thinking about the kind of flows that happen in our life.

There is the timeline flow from birth until the big chill.

There is the flow that is us before this lifetime and will continue on for infinity.

There is the flow of our breath that when watched is called meditation.

There is the flow of the love in a variety of relationships we enter into and sometimes exit in a bumpy way.

There is the flow of blood in its dance with our heart.

There is the flow of energy on meridian pathways called chi.

There is the flow of inspiration that comes to us when we create.

There is the flow of prosperity when we tap into a greater source.

There is the flow of night to day and the cycles of the moon.

There is the flow of insights when we are open to growth.

And all the other wonderous flows we are blessed to partake in.

 It is a wonderful feeling to tap into the flow of the gifts of life with appreciation and gratitude?

Still feeling the high current of the ocean/river merging I feel myself wandering how we create a flow in our own life? The flows above are part of our lives but what if we want to make something happen? Can our intention create a flow? Can living our purpose be a powerful flow?

What flows do I want to create as something I leave with the planet when I come to the end of my time as a physical body. Several flow projects come to mind immediately:

One is an ever-expanding flow of compassion and loving-kindness. This flow is innate within us if we keep our hearts open. If we close down along the way and many of us do sometime or another, then how can we find the way to take down the walls and let the flow go? More loving-kindness and compassion would be a really good thing at this point in human history.

Another flow is toward higher consciousness, which is part of the plan of our soul. Abraham Maslow, who studied what was healthy about people, believed we have to continue to grow to feel okay about ourselves. That makes sense and awareness and insight into who we are expands our consciousness. The more conscious we become the more the collective consciousness expands. That would also be a good thing.

I seem to have arrived at the similar two important topics as I did in yesterday’s blog post. Maybe this is about how do I enter into a greater flow living vibrantly and purposefully with these two directions of compassion and loving-kindness, and expanding consciousness? I know they are both needed. I also know I have a passion for them and the skills to deliver.