Six Essential Steps To Master The Art Of Receiving

Recently a reader of my blog left a wonderful comment about receiving and it stimulated a flow of ideas that I became very excited about. The excitement sprang from that fresh perspective and experiences his comment stirred in me.

As a result, I went to work journaling about how to be open to receiving. I use my journal to tap into my higher mind and the guidance from my soul. This is what came to me in bright flashes of insight:

Receiving Of Flow

Begins as an opening

With an opening, comes a trickle

That expands into a steady flow

Then a vibrant stream begins to stir

This over time becomes a powerful river

Along the way you remain open, receptive and grateful

Then you and the flow become one in an ocean of abundance


Receiving Of Love

It starts with a warm glow from a heartfelt thought

There’s a sense of opening in your heart

Then you move towards the expression of your opening

Next a connection to another from the space of love

Or the expansion of compassion towards others

Or the desire to do spontaneous acts of kindness

Then loving-kindness as the way you want to be in the world

Still further is the exploration of your infinite capacity to love

Then - One Love


Receiving Of Light

From a moment of insight it begins

Then comes a greater awareness

To a further exploration and expansion

Then new ways of being in the world

Followed by awareness of who’s being aware

Sometimes a bright light of an awakening occurs

Then the possible enduring light of enlightenment arises

After that the “you” dissolves into oneness with all life

Life is a journey of opening, of receptivity and of flow. The ordinary mind likes to try to wrestle control of the flow. The higher mind watches and experiences the flow. 

As I write this, my mind feels both the peacefulness and aliveness of being open and receptive. Peaceful because there is a pureness of expression in having an open receptivity - a welcoming of what is ours as a spiritual being.

The aliveness is about the energy of YES and vibrantly partaking in the flow of life.  Whether it’s a flow of abundance, of inspiration, of consciousness or of love - it doesn’t matter. A flow of any of these joyous expressions through our lives feels great. 

Let The Exploring Begin

I invite you to join with me in this exploration. Let’s take this one step at a time.

Step One: Opening - This is the beginning of everything that is ever manifested.  If you are not open how can you receive? The opening is of your mind, body and heart.

If all three are not a big YES then you are getting in your own way. The mind’s yes is about being open to new ideas and a willingness to experiment. The heart’s yes is about loving yourself and what you want to open to. The body’s yes looks like a relaxed openness with your energy centers activated. If you know chakras think open and energized.

Step Two: Quieting – This is where wisdom and guidance can come flowing in to show you the way. In the silence that takes you beyond your ego-mind is a knowing of being at one with the greater forces of the Universe.

Listening and being guided is much more powerful than attempting to willfully make things happen. Your will lacks direct access to the knowing universe. Your intuition is directly interacting with these forces.

Step Three: Entering The Flow – First it begins as a trickle - your opening, your quieting, your listening and lastly your flow. Changing old ways can be one small step at a time.

When you hear what to do, the fun begins. You are open, quiet and now guided on how to enter the flow. Let yourself move towards the light, love, freedom or abundance you seek. It is all flow.

Step Four: Going Effortless With The flow – It feels great being in the flow - hearing the guidance, fully emerging yourself in the flow and going with it – it all feels expansive. Going downstream effortlessly and leaving the past struggles behind is the goal.

Leaving the ego/will dominated struggles and relaxing into your higher knowing is so freeing. You let go and flow.

Step Five: In the Wonderful Joy of Receiving – The great joy of receiving comes from you setting aside the history of programmed self-constraints and walking with open arms into the abundant flow. The old self-judging is replaced by a receptive self-love. Ah such sweet moments!

This joy is always there in the now, where open receiving happens. It comes from your presence, your heart, your appreciation and your connection to the source of flow.

Step Six: The Ocean of Light, Love and Abundance – You have arrived at the endless supply depot of the universe. There an ocean of endless possibilities awaits you. You smile, enjoy the moment and simply ask and receive. 

With open arms, heart and mind “you” drop away and become the ocean of possibilities. Now you are the flow, the opening, the receiving, the joy, the freedom, the abundance, the light, the love, the gratitude and everything else.

Now your heart explodes in delight at the thought and possibility of giving.

These six steps will all feel unique to your own experience. They are only guidelines, so alter or expand them in any way that feels right to your inner voice of guidance.

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Let your receiving and flow be rich and joyous.

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