Taking Positive To The Next Level

A positive mental attitude rocks. It makes everything seem better and work better. The alternative isn’t any fun.

But you don’t have to hold yourself to just positive thoughts. You can take your life even higher. Exciting, isn’t it?

Right now if you show up fully in this moment there is joy, love, light and peace waiting for you. That’s right, in the now joy, love, light and peace are always available to you. As a matter of fact they can only be found in the now.

All the not-fun-feelings like fear, anger, worry etc. exist only if your mind is replaying the past or trying to live in the future. Negativity arises only if the mind moves out of the now.

In the now the positive expands to love, to compassion, to kindness, to appreciation and gratitude, to seeing the beauty around you, and to a feeling of acceptance of what is.

In the now pure awareness and a deep sense of presence becomes available. So too does the realization of oneness with all of life.

This is positive beyond the workings of the ego-mind. In Higher Mind you can even go into the place of non-dual awareness where all of the boundaries of self disappear and the sense of you expands all the way to Source.

Letting your spirit soar and living that in human form is positive times a million [positive x 1,000,000 = many :-) ‘s].

The simplest practice to bring you fully into the now is:

Mindful Breathing - Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit and focus on the cycles of your breath. Feel your body expand with the breath in and relax as the breath flows out.

After a few minutes of mindful breathing and a positive expectation you can then enter into the stillness of your higher nature. There all the wonders of being in the here and now become available to you.

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