Chris Guillebeau

Notes Of Wisdom and Inspiration From The World Domination Summit 2013

I just got back on Monday from the World Domination Summit. It was a gathering of people interesting in how to more fully express who they are and in doing so make a positive difference in the world. What a wonderful group of human beings.

I want to share some highlights and perspectives I gained.

*  If you want to give a presentation that has impact then tell a story. Do it in a way that begins with “what is” and then give glimpses of “what can be.”  People will resonate with stories told in this way. Thanks Nancy Duarte for your wisdom on what kind of speeches touch audiences.

*  Set your goals high. Problogger.nets Darren Rowse wanted to be Superman as a kid. I can identify, how about you?

Taking Positive To The Next Level

A positive mental attitude rocks. It makes everything seem better and work better. The alternative isn’t any fun.

But you don’t have to hold yourself to just positive thoughts. You can take your life even higher. Exciting, isn’t it?

Right now if you show up fully in this moment there is joy, love, light and peace waiting for you. That’s right, in the now joy, love, light and peace are always available to you. As a matter of fact they can only be found in the now.

All the not-fun-feelings like fear, anger, worry etc. exist only if your mind is replaying the past or trying to live in the future. Negativity arises only if the mind moves out of the now.

12 Life Alterations To Step Out Of The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

Life can be lived in a comfort zone or more out on the edge. You can play it safe or test yourself in the rough waters of life. Which do you think would be more fun and more energizing?

The following are twelve ways to stir up your life, give you more spunk, bring more happiness and let your heart shine out into the world. There are also recommended readings for further exploration of each way.

1.     Don’t be so groovy – It is easy to fall into the deep groove of habits and the familiar. You can break out of a rut by always changing things up. Try doing something different each day. Leave old limiting habits behind. Climb out of your deep habit groove and look around. See the bright possibilities of living each day fresh and new, guided by the moment. (Hypnotizing Maria – Richard Bach)

$100 StartUp

You may not know this but you don’t have to settle for a life that is not satisfying. It is easy to fall into a groove of life, surround yourself with what is familiar, and pretend things will be okay.

Human being are very adaptive and tend to make the best out of the circumstances they find themselves in.

You conform to what you figure out is expected. It seems uncomplicated to settle into mediocrity and reluctantly accept your fate. You look around, see so many have said, “Okay let’s smile and make the best of things.” You may wonder, what else is possible?

This is another way.

Finding Hope Where You Can

It is time for us to find hope. Hope comes from inside of us but can be triggered by the words and ideas of others. There are many people who are thinking in ways that make me feel encouraged about the future of humanity.  If you watch the nightly news and think that is the only truth about what is going on, you miss out on people who are thinking in expanded ways. The expanded thinkers don't make it on the news but their ideas should be the nightly headlines.

Recently, I have felt hope inside thanks to having an open mind to expansive ideas. Here are a few I wanted to share with you today: 

On Huffington Post there is a series of 18 TED Talks that are being presented because of the influential ideas that will help shape 2012.  Check this series out: the talk today is exceptional by Brene’ Brown

There is a young man named Chris Guillebeau who writes about the art of non-comformity has a new manifesto worth reading if by chance you want an extraordinary life. The manifesto is called The Tower. The Tower will help you think big about what matters to you.

Many of the TED Talks, which you can find on YouTube, are exceptional. There will help you expand your mind and open your heart.  One of my favorites lately has been Sir Ken Robinson on the importance of creativity. If you are concerned about education, this talk will be enlightening.

I am sure you will enjoy the ideas above. Hope really begins inside from being full present and from being open in mind and heart.  When we are present and open, we are available to hope and that makes us feel better. What gives you hope? Are you hopeful for 2012?