Notes Of Wisdom and Inspiration From The World Domination Summit 2013

I just got back on Monday from the World Domination Summit. It was a gathering of people interesting in how to more fully express who they are and in doing so make a positive difference in the world. What a wonderful group of human beings.

I want to share some highlights and perspectives I gained.

*  If you want to give a presentation that has impact then tell a story. Do it in a way that begins with “what is” and then give glimpses of “what can be.”  People will resonate with stories told in this way. Thanks Nancy Duarte for your wisdom on what kind of speeches touch audiences.

*  Set your goals high. Problogger.nets Darren Rowse wanted to be Superman as a kid. I can identify, how about you?

As an adult he went about finding what his unique and special skills are and that made him super at what he does. Being a super expression of who you are seems like a great goal, doesn’t it? What ways do you feel drawn to being super these days?

*  Do you fear rejection? Well, if you did what Jia Jiang did, that fear would only be a faint whisper.

He had a plan and it was outrageous. He started by asking what seemed impossible. He asked a police officer if he could drive his car. He asked a helicopter pilot if he could fly his helicopter. He asked a pilot to fly his plane. He knocked on a person’s door and asked if he could play soccer in their back yard. He even asked a donut shop to make a donut in the shape of the Olympic rings. Guess what, he was rarely turned down and had many amazing experiences. 

Two powerful possibilities here: 1. Facing your fear is such a powerful way to live in the world. What fears do you need to face? 2. Are you willing to ask for what you want?

*  Creativity matters. It will save our education system and our world. Without it we are doomed to mediocrity. Chase Jarvis cares about the future and sees creativity as the answer.

Are you willing to find your ways of creative expression and go for it? What if you starting being creative now and keep creating until everybody in your life, and maybe in the world, is touched and inspired by your expressions of creativity?

*  Sometimes you know it is time to hit the road. NPR’s Tess Vigeland did just that when she resigned from Marketplace Money not knowing what was next. She jumped into the unknown.

Are you hearing a similar call? Her leap left her with many questions about what to do when you don't know what is next. She is confident that what’s next will be amazing.

*  There are times when a call in life is so loud it can’t be ignored. Last year a clean drinking water project was highlighted at the Summit. The project is now supplying water to many thousands of people. What game-changing call inside you needs your attention?

*  When we are real, when we explore what matters to us, when we are open to grow, we have the power to uplift. Thanks Donald Miller (too religious for me, yet this guy has a valuable message) for showing us what that looks like. 

I hope you look these people up on the Web but even more I invite you to be you, to express who you are and keep on growing. Then your light will shine on everyone you come in contact with. The world is automatically a better place when you and I are being a fuller expression of who we are.

Thanks Chris Guillebeau for making the WDS happen. It was such a wonderful event full of amazing people.

I know you will find these people and idea valuable. But frankly if you listen inward, to your heart, your intuition, your soul's voice, you will be ready to soar now. Feel free to contact me if would like some soaring instructions.