How To Erase Self-Doubt Instantly

I continue to notice in myself - and in almost every other human being - that self-doubt is a ongoing challenge that just doesn’t go away one day. Instantly erasing it sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it?

Instantly, maybe not - however there are ways to shrink self-doubt that can be hugely successful rather quickly. I will share these with you shortly but first I want to share 5 ways self-doubt is fueled:

1.  Looking to others for self-approval – This never works but it seems so important when you doubt yourself. There could never be enough approval from others to dissolve the lack of approval inside. Move past this strategy. It only creates more self-doubt.

2.  Trying to satisfy the ego-mind’s need for reassurance -The ego-mind is never satisfied. This mind can have everything it wants but it will go searching for even more. The ego is fueled by fear. Notice the ego’s voice and don’t let it run your life.

3.  Ignoring your intuitive/soul’s sense of what is right for you - This is a frequent mistake made because the rationalizing mind too often pushes the inner voice aside. Ignoring the quiet wisdom inside fills you full of doubt.

4.  Disregarding your feelings - When you deny or bury your feelings you broadcast an inner message that says you don’t matter. The more you stuff your feelings; they less you feel okay about yourself. 

5.  Not paying attention to your self-talk - Your internal dialogue shapes your experience of life, how you feel, and your response to yourself and the world. Much of that dialogue is filled with old false messages and criticism. If you don’t pay attention, your inner critic and your past will ruin any positive sense of self. 

Now to the good stuff or how to move into much more self-confidence and trust in yourself.

1.  Take over the helm of your mind. Be watchful without judging your thoughts and self-talk. Your inner landscape can be a beautiful creation of inspiration, encouragement and support if you take charge of your thinking. Always speak with kindness and compassion to yourself.

2.  Acknowledge all that you feel. No feelings are good or bad. Feel what you feel. Express what you feel in ways that both honor and release the energy of emotions flowing through you. Feelings are simply feedback about how things are going. Move towards what makes you feel alive and excited about life and away from what brings you down.

3.  Trust and follow your intuition - the voice of your soul. This inner wisdom knows what is best for you. It can be fully trusted. When you live according to what you know deep inside, you grow a very positive sense of self.

4.  Live each day as fully present as possible. Living in the present moment constantly validates who you are. You are just being you moment by moment. In the now you can see and appreciate that your life is full of wonder, beauty and possibilities.

5.  Realize you are not your story, your thoughts, your feelings, or your personality - you are much more. Beyond all the sense of who you are is a much greater expression. That expression is not bound by the acquired limits of a lifetime. Your true nature is infinite and eternal; it is light and oneness with the great creative force of the universe. Moving towards your full realization dissolves self-doubt.

With a growing confidence in self, you play at a higher level and you have greater impact on the world around you.

Here are 5 expressions possible when you believe in who you are:

1.  Your ability to act creatively expands. You are creative by nature. When you believe in yourself, creativity blossoms in ways that you never before experienced. There’s never been found a limit to creativity. By believing in yourself you are set free to more full express all that you are.

2.  Your light shines brighter. You are made up of light - light from the source of the universe, light from the wisdom inside, light from your endless capacity to love, light from your spiritual capacities of awareness, insight and higher consciousness. Let your light shine and your eyes sparkle.

3.  With an open heart and mind you discover endless and amazing expressions of who you are and what you can be. This openness allows you to live an extraordinary life free of any past limits acquired along the way.  Now you have the ability to live in awareness as the creator of your story moving forward.

4.  You can now move through life with greater flow, ease and grace. When you trust in yourself, you enter the flow of the universe because you see all is one. This flow is effortless. Entering it allows you to live a life that is filled with what you desire. Your flow brings blessings to all.

5.  Now vibrating in pure presence you spread joy, love, peace and well-being out into the world. You become a powerful force for good. You can now join consciously with other realized beings for the collective betterment of all life on the planet.

These 15 points are sure to shake up the old ways within. Now leave all the limits in the past where they belong. I know you are up to the challenge. I sense it in everyone I meet. In freeing yourself, you set in motion the liberation of humanity to higher forms of realization and expression.

You are amazing. It’s time to fully express who you are for the benefit of each of us and for the well-being of the planet.