The Super ABC’s Of Happiness

Over the last two years of living quietly, I have gained some valuable insights about happiness and I want to share them with you today.

As I started going through the alphabet I realized I had more than one idea for each of the letters. They all seemed valuable. What I want to give you is as many eye-opening good ideas as I can come with. Hope that’s okay with you? Here’s the list:

Acceptance of Self – If you accept yourself as fully as you can, happiness will come easily. Loving yourself will set you free to love the world.

Awareness – Through awareness of who you are and what matters to you, you can create the life you want. Awareness makes your life a choice.

Action – Having good ideas, goals and plans only work if you take action. Taking action feels good.

Bliss – The best wisdom I have ever heard about having a joy filled life is, follow your bliss. Bliss feels great, energizing and full of fun. 

Blessings – I have recently been exploring the idea of sharing blessings. Blessings in the form of wishing the best for everyone, for their well-being and for their highest expression. This has become one of my favorite practices because it always fills me with joy.

Consciousness – The higher your consciousness the greater your joy, your freedom and your love for all. When you expand your consciousness, you lift us all up.

Compassion – If you have compassion in your heart, your heart is open and those who know you are happy to be around you. The best world is one full of compassion.

Creativity – The most rewarding kind of life is a creative one. Be creative in how you do your life and things unfold in rewarding ways.

I could also add connection, cooperation and collaboration because they will enrich your life too.

Discipline – I use this word, discipline, carefully. I went to a Catholic high school and one of the priest’s title was Prefect of Discipline. Yikes, not that kind of discipline. I mean the magic self-discipline. This is where you follow through with your intentions and keep your word to yourself and to others. When you do what you say you are going to do, you feel marvelous about yourself. 

Divine Nature – You may or may not be a religious person but you certainly have a spiritual nature. When you follow the wisdom of your higher nature all seems to be filled with wonderous joy.

Empathy – Having empathy for yourself, for those you love and for those you spend time with will make you a very valued person. Empathy is having compassion for others, their feelings and struggles.

Emotions – All you feel is okay. If you allow the difficult feelings to be okay, you will allow the positive feelings more room to bloom.

Expressive and Expansive – These are two qualities that go together well in making your life stunning. The more expressive you are, the more you expand. The more you expand the more you enjoy the full range of all you have to express.

Flow – The way to go is with the flow. Step into all you do with the aim of doing life easily and effortlessly. It will be so much more sensational this way.

Freedom – Are you free enough to allow yourself to be fully who you are? If not, time to get out of your own way. Set your sights on being totally free and amazing.

Grateful, appreciative and thankful – These three are some of the best positive feeling generators there are. The more you truly appreciate yourself and your life, the better it feels.

Healthy – The goal is to be healthy, to heal what needs to be healed and to take care of yourself in ways that bring well-being to your mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Higher – Always strive to go higher: higher in mind, knowing, consciousness, love, compassion and in everything else you do. The higher you explore the higher you feel.

Joy in the now – Right now joy is always waiting for you. Just hang out in the present and feel the breath taking vibrations of joy flowing within this moment.

Kindness – If you’re having a difficult day, be kind to someone who could use your support. Giving always creates a better feeling inside.

Love – Your purpose, if you choose to accept it, is to explore how much love you can give. Loving everyone unconditionally is the capacity within your heart. 

Light – Each day move towards the light, express your light as fully as you can and seek to be enlightened for the delight of all.

Mindfulness and Meditation – These are practices that create true happiness within. There are many versions of these practices. Find one that works its miracles for you and do it daily.

Nature – The more you let nature touch you, the more your soul will dance joyously with the universe.

Oneness – You and all are one. Each day remind yourself that everyone, everywhere is part of you. The more you let in, the more alive and fulfilled you become. 

Positive – Positive simple works better than negative and it’s 100% more magical.

Presence - Beyond the story of your life is you as pure presence, one with all, and surprising in all you can be.

Passionate Purpose – You long to feel purposeful. The more courageous passion your have for your particular purpose, the more you will enjoy your life.

Questioning – Keep asking questions about everything until you arrive at your own truth.

Risk taking – It’s important to treat life as a grand experiment full of the type of daring risks you need to take to push you towards your greatness. In walking the edges of life, you find out how amazing you are.

Silence – This is the place where you open the channel to the voice of your soul. This voice is the most valuable guiding force you will ever know.

Soul – Speaking of the soul’s voice, the soul is the part of you that existed before this lifetime and will go on after your last breath.  Your soul is directly linked to the source of all creation. Aligning with your soul opens you to an amazing life.

Source – This is the beginning point, the great creator, the Divine, the Great Spirit from which all else arises. Realizing you are one with Source makes everything possible.

Trust – So much of what will work for you in creating your life depends on your capacity to trust yourself. Begin now to completely trust the highest knowing within. Also learn to trust the Universe (see below.)

Universe – There is something big out there that keeps expanding. The Universe is our home. It’s a pretty far out place to live. Learn to align with its forces and all will be revealed. Vastness – You have no limits, just more waiting to be expressed. Now it’s up to you to be as vast as you can for the good of all. It will make you very happy.

Vibrant – If you fully inhabit your body, you will feel how alive and energized you can be. You know when you are heading in the right direction because your body will be vibrating at a very high level.

Welcome each day – Each day is a gift - that is why it’s called the “present.” Go in search of the gifts each day offers. The pure joy of life comes in the welcoming of everything, every day.

Xcellence  - Excellence is the proper spelling but this Xcellence is even higher. Your task is to always do your best and have a great time doing it.

You Matter – You might forget or maybe you have yet to realize this, but you do matter. You doing you is essential to the well-being of humanity. If you settle for less you, we all miss out and so will we.

Zen – This is doing things simply. Turn your life into zen portions, where each taste of life is fully experienced and appreciated for what it is. No hurry or worry necessary.

Zip – If you walk each day with a bit of zip in your step, you won’t be zapped by those who linger in mediocrity. Life is so much more enjoyable if it has a lot of zing to it.

Now plug these ideas into your life and don’t worry, be happy.