personal devellopment

The Super ABC’s Of Happiness

Over the last two years of living quietly, I have gained some valuable insights about happiness and I want to share them with you today.

As I started going through the alphabet I realized I had more than one idea for each of the letters. They all seemed valuable. What I want to give you is as many good ideas as I can come with. Hope that’s okay with you? Here’s the list:

Acceptance of Self – If you accept yourself as fully as you can, happiness will come easily. Loving yourself will set you free to love the world.

Awareness – Through awareness of who you are and what matters to you, you can create the life you want. Awareness makes your life a choice.

How The 4th of July Can Inspire Your Independence Day

Today is a day to celebrate freedom. Do you feel free? Is freedom an important value for you? Are you willing to do what it takes to be free?

Freedom is possible if you want it. The following four freedoms can transform your life. Each freedom has the power to forever shift your experience of everything you do.

The four freedoms for personal independence include:

1.         Freedom from self-judging and self-criticism

2.         Freedom from ego domination

3.         Freedom from fear

4.         Freedom from self-imposed limits