To Desire Intensely Or Not?

I saw this question in a book that I am reading. I knew immediately it was time to write about desire. There are so many beliefs about this subject that need to be examined.

Desire is a driving force, no question about that. There is however, a wide range of opinions about the pluses and negatives of desire.

I have to admit to a big bias here – I believe desire is a very positive force.

Most religious beliefs have a different take. As you might guess, it goes like this – “human yearnings are wrong, how dare you think you have a right to want anything.” Oops, my previous guilt-tripping Catholic upbringing just spilled all over the place. 

Having wants is human nature. How could that be wrong in any way except in the minds of zealots and misguided party-poopers.

Yes there are desire-based negative forces that bring havoc to the world. The need to have power and control over others and the endless greed that drives many, have always caused trouble.

If you want a better life, work that has meaning, a loving relationship, a more compassionate world, or even just to have enough to move out of the cycle of struggle, then you have natural desires that can’t possibly be “sinfully” misguided.

As a matter of fact, desire is something we all share. We all want a better world for our family and ourselves.

What do you want? Do you think it is wrong to want things?

If the ego isn’t driving the desire and the heart is in charge, your desire is a longing to more fully express yourself. How could that not be beneficial to all of us?

Guidelines for desire:

*  Let desire be a flow from your heart, guided by your intuition and informed by soul’s voice.

*  When exploring your desires consider if it is for the good of all humanity. If it is, it’s worth going for.

*  If your ego drives your wanting, steer away or you’re heading for a shipwreck. 

*  Appreciate desire when it arises as a calling to do more and be more of what you are here to express.

*  Move away from wants that keep tripping you up. Your wires got crossed. 

*  Have fun with desire, make sure it includes whatever brings you true joy.

*  Lastly, you know inside what’s right and what’s best for you. Follow all desires that feel right and take you higher.

Desire may be your soul’s call to go exploring.

If you stuff your desires, it messes with your life. There seems to be a link between how much you ignore or deny your desires and depression. It makes sense, the more you deny who you are, the more depressed you become.

One last thought about desire, allow yourself the pleasure of going for what you want in life. It may be just what’s needed to set you free.

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