$100 StartUp

You may not know this but you don’t have to settle for a life that is not satisfying. It is easy to fall into a groove of life, surround yourself with what is familiar, and pretend things will be okay.

Human being are very adaptive and tend to make the best out of the circumstances they find themselves in.

You conform to what you figure out is expected. It seems uncomplicated to settle into mediocrity and reluctantly accept your fate. You look around, see so many have said, “Okay let’s smile and make the best of things.” You may wonder, what else is possible?

This is another way.

You can go a little deeper inside and listen to the quiet river of inspired wisdom waiting to guide you. You can invite that voice to show you the way to a life designed with you and your special talents in mind. You can trade in the habit driven existence for a new model of passion and purpose.

Today you can start a way of living that takes your special interests and talents out into the world. You can serve your fellow beings on the planet and have fun doing it. You can enjoy the non-conformity of being you, feel more alive than ever, and at the same time inspire others. 

Along the way people will question your sanity but they always do when they look out from the confines of their own limited thinking. Maybe you can even inspire them to leave their self-imposed limits behind. 

Okay I have gone on for long enough. I haven’t even mentioned what the title is all about. There is a wise, beyond his years, writer named Chris Guillebeau who has a blog called The Art of Non-Conformity.  He has this great new book The $100 StartUp that I think is a wonderful little manual on how to set yourself free and create the life you want. Check this book out and see if you can cross paths with him on his book tour. I am sure you will appreciate his light and inspiration.

Create the life you want. It won’t be easy but it sure can be fun.