You Are Awesome – Let Me Count The Ways

It is time for a hugely important reminder. You are awesome!!!

You might wonder, ”How can I say that?” You might want to hide at the hint of such an idea. Or you might say, “Thank You, I so much needed this reminder?” 

Here’s why I have such a high opinion of you:

Heart - You have a heart that has the infinite capacity to love, to care, to be compassionate and be kind. Expressing your kind heart would send you to the top of everybody’s list of somebody who matters. Your expression of love is all the purpose you need to live the most incredible life.

Mind - You have a mind that can expand to include the collective wisdom of all humanity. There are no limits to your mind’s creativity or ability to imagine. You can heal yourself with your mind. You can use your mind to expand your consciousness and to awaken. You have the capacity to bring great light and inspiration to the world. You can create anything your mind can conceive.

Body - You have a body that can: fight off disease, run a marathon, sing beautiful songs, swim like a fish, dance in celebration, tastes the delights of your favorite foods and laugh out loud. Your body can make a stand for what you believe in or jump into action that will save lives.

Emotions - You have a river of emotions that work as a super clear feedback system. If your life is heading down the right road, your feelings are often uplifting and positive. If you are off track, your feeling will be uncomfortable and distracting. All feelings are just colors that you can use to boldly or quietly express your life.

Soul - You have a soul that is infinite and eternal. Within your soul is this beacon of light that comes directly from the divine source of all of creation. Your soul sits quietly waiting to guide you to an amazing life. All you have to do is become quiet and listen.

Potential - Now on top of all of this built-in-awesomeness, you have endless potential. You can do and become just about anything you want. You can change the history of humanity within this potential or gently touch people’s hearts through your compassion and kindness. Life is about exploring and expressing this potential

Designed To Be Successful - You are unlimited in mind, body, heart and soul. You are always free to explore and expand your own values, beliefs and truths. You are loaded in every way to be who you want to be, to have an amazing life full of love, joy and peace. You are created to succeed.

Everyone Benefits - The really cool thing is that as you fully express your own uniqueness, everyone else on the planet benefits in ways that go mostly unseen but vibrate across the planet. Your highest expression encourages the best and highest in others.

So right now - sit down, take a few deep breaths and contemplate all of this above. Let yourself be in the joy and excitement of who you are.

When you are ready, go in search of the stillness in this moment. There in this deep pool of possibilities allow the quiet wisdom of your intuition to guide you towards your highest and most expansive expression. Then my friend, you will rock the planet by being an awe-inspiring you.

Three reminders to clear you for takeoff:

1.  Stop, right now, arguing for your limitations and instead bring full attention to realizing your potential and possibilities.

2.  Sit quietly and become mindful of the past programming, old ideas and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Release them all.

3.  Use the power of your soul-guided mind to imagine, to create, to stir empowering emotions and to focus your actions on the positive results of your fullest expression.

More to come about the soul-guided mind but in the mean time, trust your intuitive sense of what are the right actions and the right expressions for you. Just be the awesomeness you are right now.

PS You will want to print this and post it somewhere as a reminder for those days when you forget how much you have to offer the world.