10 Questions To Make Your Life Even Better

I find myself bringing up the importance of questioning often lately. So I decided to invite you to join me in the questioning process.

It’s always helpful to question your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs; also where you are in life. If you don’t question, there is no doubt, you are the biggest barrier to what you want.

I invite you to examine the following 10 questions because they will enable you to make the inner changes necessary to moving your life forward in hugely positive ways.

1.  What ways are you getting upset with yourself for not meeting your expectations?

2.  How and why do you continue to not fully love and accept yourself?

3.  How do you argue for your limitations?

4.  What potentials do you sense in yourself that you know its time to explore?

5.  How can you open your heart more to those you care about?

6.  Lately, what thoughts are getting in your way?

7.  What feelings are most difficult for you to deal with?

8.  How do you go in search of your own truths?

9.  What are your favorite ways to have fun and relax?

10. If you did a list of what you do well and appreciate about yourself – what would be on that list?

Note: It seems to be much easier for most people to come up with a list of how screwed up they are than what they do well. Does that surprise you? Try it.

If you are better at beating yourself up than supporting and encouraging yourself than these questions are even more critical.  The voice of the inner critic is a false voice set on keeping you down.

Next, print out these questions (and the follow-up ones below). Then find a place where you won’t be distracted, and bring along a notebook or journal.

Explore these questions. Writing your responses out encourages a deeper examination. Be aware other questions will come up in response to them. Answer all the questions even if it takes much longer than you had planned.

Be aware of:

When the need to be right takes over the inner conversation?

When you judge yourself?

When your body closes down?

When you feel open and alive?

When feelings get stirred up?

When you sense a wiser voice involved?

What you learn about yourself from these questions?

Take this information from the questions and use it to expand your sense of self. The more your self-awareness expands the more you have the ability to make positive things happen in your life.

If you found these questions valuable you would also appreciate my book Awaken, which has 100 questions to expand your mind and open your heart.