Entering the Stream Part II

After I posted Entering the Stream below something deeper in me was triggered. Last night in my dreams I experienced myself as connected with this huge mighty river that flowed both powerfully and peacefully. Have you ever stood along a big vibrant river and heard how quiet it could be? Yet if you stepped into it, you would be pulled down stream with incredible force. 

Imagine consciously joining into the flow of such power as this river.

Imagine the 80% water that you are made up of is flowing in the freedom of this river of life.

Imagine this flow is made up of all the love and compassion on this planet.

Imagine this flow is the light of the highest consciousness.

Imagine this flow being the abundance of the entire Universe.

Imagine this flow being the aliveness and energy from the source of all creation.

Imagine this flow and you as one.

The reality is that you are much more the flow of the Universe than you are a separate body, or a personality. Forget the life long programming, step back from arguing for your limitations, instead move boldly into the greater reality of your expanded nature. You and the Universe are One.