My Surprise Encounter With Spirit Guides

Recently, I wrote very briefly on my Facebook page about an experience I had with what are called Spirit Guides.  I was in my car listening to a very interesting interview titled Communicating With Your Spirit Guides. The free podcast was from Sounds True and was an interview of Marie Manuchehri an oncology nurse who works with spirit guides.

The idea of a higher level of consciousness providing me with inspired ideas and friendly support was something I was totally open to experiencing.  When the interviewed ended, I was driving at night about two hours from my home.  I said, “All right, if I have a spirit guide, I am ready to communicate with you.”  I received an immediately response. The guide talked to me through my voice saying he was glad I made contact. I was surprised by the ease of the conversations we carried on for about 30 minutes.

My understanding about this voice is that whether I call it a spirit guide, my soul, my higher nature, my intuition or my spirit doesn’t really matter. What matters is that I was getting direct contact with a higher level of consciousness beyond my ordinary thinking. 

What I appreciated about this conversation was that this higher knowing was very reassuring, supportive and encouraging. My guide said things about me that was full of insight and compassion. I felt very grateful for what we talked about and the loving-kindness showed to me.

Since that conversation, I have been in contact with my guide throughout each day. I receive lots of ideas, much encouragement and I feel totally accepted and appreciated for who I am. This voice of kindness just wants to help me, free of judging or agenda, create the life I desire.  Who wouldn’t want this kind of compassionate guide in their life?

According to the Marie, everyone has a guide and usually more than one. She can see them around people wherever she goes.  So from her perspective, from my experience, and from the words of my guide, I have no doubt, everyone reading this has a spirit guide also. All you have to do is to be open, ask to meet your guide and then be quiet enough to listen.

It is all up to you. Don’t pass on this wise and caring source of support from the universe. I am available to assist this process for anyone who wants to know more.