To Be Present

This moment is all that matters in life.

If you are fully present, you are a gift to the world.

Here and the now is the only place where things can happen.

If your mind resides in the now, true joy, love, peace and freedom are possible.

In this moment your thoughts determine your experience of life.

The past no longer exists; memories are thoughts in this moment.

You never arrive at the future because you never leave the now.

Fear, worry and anxiety can only come into your life when your thinking is trying to place you in the past or the future. The mind has the ability to take you out of being present but it can never remove you from the reality of the now.

If you spend too much time regretting the past and worrying about the future you may totally miss out in living the joy of the present moment.

Many people live with the mindset of once I finish school, or once I am in love, or once I have a family, or once I have a good job, or once I am a millionaire, I will be happy, but they will never find happiness except in the now.

All possibilities only exist in the now.

Practice: Now in this moment, only be aware of your breath, breathe in and feel you body fill with oxygen, pause, then breathe out and feel your body release, pause, and then breathe in again. Whenever you take a moment to follow this cycle of the breath, you bring yourself fully into the infinite possibilities of being fully present in your life.

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