Kinship With All Of Life

Yesterday I received the nicest gift from Mary who my wife and I meditate with on Weds. evenings. After our meditation we somehow ended talking about this wonderful book we both had read a number of years ago. She said I’ll order two copies from the local bookstore. When I saw her Saturday she gave me a copy as a gift. This great little book is Kinship With All Life, by J. Allen Boone. I recommend this book to everyone. It is about our connection to all other living things on the planet. I started reading it right away and it filled me with such joy because it spoke to my soul.

Here is why my soul did a little dance inside of when I started reading about a famous dog called Strongheart:

  • I immediately moved into the realization that all of us on this planet are connected. This realization reminder is so uplifting. I do my best to live it as fully as I can each day. I often lose my way however and stories likes this bring me back.
  • In this unity realization my heart expands and I feel so loving and positive about everyone and everything. This moment of being in love is our natural state. I forget sometimes that I can love everyone on the planet all the time and still have more love in my heart for giving.
  • I also feel a vast sense of appreciation for all beings. My soul is already connected to all of life but I wander away lost in my thoughts too often. Thank you to everyone who spreads love and light in the world, you are such a wonderful gift to all of us and the planet.
  • When I read uplifting ideas they create wonderful imagery inside of me. I love to see in my mind’s eye the amazing possibilities in me and in others. I am so blessed with a rich flow of endless inspiration in the form of pictures, sounds, feelings and sensations. I live in a sensorium of what can be.
  • The light of a good story keeps shining because it connects with the light in you and I.  I forget too often that I am pure light in human form, that my nature is divine. I am so happy to be reminded.

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