6 Little Known Ways To Self-Love

Yesterday in one of my timeouts, no I wasn’t misbehaving; I had the topic of self-love come into my thoughs and I knew it was to be my next blog post. Then the entire outline was presented to me in the form of the list of ideas including today. I sometimes feel I just need to get out of the way and let the wisdom of the Universe use my fingers.

Self-love is the absolute single most important ingredient in creating an amazing and rewarding life. If you don’t love yourself, you are carrying a false belief that is anchoring you to one stuck spot. If you would only realize that you deserve all the love you can give yourself, then you would set your life in a forward motion that know no limits. Your choice, would you rather believe the nonsense of your limiting programming and beliefs or set yourself free?

If freedom and self-love is what you choose then I have six techniques/practices that will empower this choice and help rewire your brain to fully integrate self-love into your life.

1.         There are a number of EFT (Tapping) techniques that will help you begin the rewiring. Go to YouTube for examples. The practice I would encourage has two important components: the first is this affirmative statement – “I totally love and accept myself,” which you repeat as you take your fingertips and tap around your ear.  Place your four fingertips in front of your ear and then proceed to tap gently around the ear for about one minute repeating the affirmation. Do the tapping in a circular motion around either or both ears.

2.         Look into the mirror, directly into your own eyes and tell yourself that this day you will love yourself as fully as you can. Each time you see a mirror repeat your inner message of self-love. When you get brave do this standing naked in front of the mirror and love yourself fully as you are. 

3.         Breathe self-love into your body. This technique is quiet and simple. When you wake up in the morning and throughout your day simply breathe love from your heart down into your body as if you are breathing into the base of your spine, then have the breath fill you to your center (behind navel) and lastly your breath fills your upper chest/heart and mind. Then exhale and release anything in you that needs to be released. Do this deep breath for at least 10 full deep breaths.

4.         Place your right hand on your forehead and your left hand on the lower part of the back of your head. Think of this technique as the brain rewire practice that you do at least once a day. With your hands in place, you affirm that you are rewiring your brain with love and open its full connect to your heart and affirm that you fully love yourself free of judgments.

5.         Spend at least a few minute of your day in the still place where your soul resides. This quiet wisdom is a reminder of your higher nature. The reason most people have lost touch with self-love is that they have lost touch with their spiritual nature, the part of them that is infinite and eternal.

6.         This practice is ongoing because it involves being ok with how you feel. The goal is to get to the point where you acknowledge and accept all feelings that come up in you. The more you accept without judging all you feel, the more you will love and accept yourself.

Hope you love yourself so much that your love helps awaken the hearts of many.