A Summer Blessing For You

I invite you to join me and explore a spiritual practice of blessing.

The following is the blessing I will share throughout this Summer for the benefit of all our brothers and sisters on the planet:

I call upon the brightest light within me and beyond to bless all my human family.

I send blessings from the heart of unconditional love, compassion, kindness and caring to everyone.

I send blessings of awareness, consciousness, insight, inspiration, awakening and the realization of are oneness.

I send blessings of peace, inner peace, and world peace. It is time to find peace together.

I send  blessings of joy, happiness, laughter and much enjoyment of life. Feel the joy flowing through these blessings to you.

I send blessings of healing, health and well-being to all. Within we have all we need to heal ourselves and each other.

I send blessings of flow, abundance, prosperity, money, wealth, and financial freedom. We all deserve this wonderful flow.

I send blessings of freedom, free to be, free of oppression, free of the need to be in control and be right, and free of all limits.

I also bless myself with all these blessing and encourage you to do the same.

Together our blessing will send transforming waves across the planet for the good of all.

Let the Blessings flow,


How I Got Rid Of My Enemies, Wrote My Way To The Light And Was Filled With Blessings and Guidance.

This week I want to share several helpful perspectives, which may not seem related but I promise to tie them all together before this post is over.

Each one of these 5 points is worthy of a full post and they may receive that attention in the next few weeks. For now though, I will share these ideas so you can immediately explore what they have to offer:

1.         There are no enemies. The only enemies are in your mind.

Six Life Changing Insights You Can Use Today

Over the last few months I have been sharing ideas with you that I find words inadequate in expressing. This writing challenge is tied to ongoing seismic shifting of my inner sense of self and the world.

At this point in my life I’ve committed to leaving a lifetime of programming behind. Now I am on a personal journey of deepening awareness, expanding compassion and realizing the highest levels of potential and expression.

Recently I’ve had a number of insights that have been very helpful. My hope is you can join me in exploring these higher levels of knowing.

My first insight is why joy matters.

This That Is

I looked at myself in the mirror and had to smile. I have never felt more alive and filled with such joy. These past 14 months of retreat here at the Oregon coast have been such a wonderful gift.

We moved here because my intuition told me where to go. This inner voice even picked out a place for us to live. The house is imperfect like us but the beauty and grace of the natural world is pure perfection.

I have read and written, explored, meditated, walking in awareness and just been at peace for most of the retreat. Over the last couple of months everything began to shift as I move from exploring expansive ideas to being expanded.

The Possibilities In You Are Endless.

How can you get out of your own way and remove the inner barriers to explore all that is possible?

What would you life be like if you allowed the following truths about you to become fully realized?

You are:

Pure awareness

A bright light

Unconditional, endless love

Infinite and eternal

Pure presence

In unity with all of life

A soul having a human experience

Stillness and peace

Bliss waiting to be experienced

Joy and happiness

Grace waiting to be expressed

One with the Source

Free to be anything you want

One with beauty of nature

The expanding universe

Compassion for all

A difference maker

Acceptance and appreciation

How do you realize these true qualities of your nature as a human being?

Sit is stillness and be guided.

Where Is Your Soul Located And Does It Have An Email Address?

In the past few years or maybe it has been all my life, my soul has been trying to keep me heading in the right direction. You know us humans we are always going off course following some tangent of desire or tripping ourselves up with our thoughts.

The voice of the soul is a quiet one. It whispers wisdom for me to listen to or not. It can be in the form of an intuition, an inner guide, a flash of insight or inspiration or the knowing messages from an open heart.

How does your soul communicate with you? Do you listen?

Why You Should Consider Never Watching The Nightly News Again

One night I was watching the evening news and noticed my stomach was upset and my jaw was tight and I thought watching this is unhealthy for my body, hurtful to my heart and harmful to my peace of mind. I am done.

First - I don’t mean to “should” on you. We all have too much of “you should do this or that,” going on inside of our own minds.

Kinship With All Of Life

Yesterday I received the nicest gift from Mary who my wife and I meditate with on Weds. evenings. After our meditation we somehow ended talking about this wonderful book we both had read a number of years ago. She said I’ll order two copies from the local bookstore. When I saw her Saturday she gave me a copy as a gift. This great little book is Kinship With All Life, by J. Allen Boone. I recommend this book to everyone. It is about our connection to all other living things on the planet. I started reading it right away and it filled me with such joy because it spoke to my soul.

Here is why my soul did a little dance inside of when I started reading about a famous dog called Strongheart:

  • I immediately moved into the realization that all of us on this planet are connected. This realization reminder is so uplifting. I do my best to live it as fully as I can each day. I often lose my way however and stories likes this bring me back.
  • In this unity realization my heart expands and I feel so loving and positive about everyone and everything. This moment of being in love is our natural state. I forget sometimes that I can love everyone on the planet all the time and still have more love in my heart for giving.
  • I also feel a vast sense of appreciation for all beings. My soul is already connected to all of life but I wander away lost in my thoughts too often. Thank you to everyone who spreads love and light in the world, you are such a wonderful gift to all of us and the planet.
  • When I read uplifting ideas they create wonderful imagery inside of me. I love to see in my mind’s eye the amazing possibilities in me and in others. I am so blessed with a rich flow of endless inspiration in the form of pictures, sounds, feelings and sensations. I live in a sensorium of what can be.
  • The light of a good story keeps shining because it connects with the light in you and I.  I forget too often that I am pure light in human form, that my nature is divine. I am so happy to be reminded.

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Knocking Down Old Walls

The time as we know it is shifting rapidly. If we stand too long in one place we may be left in the wake of dynamic change.

The end of the sheeple class is fighting with all there guns firing because they don’t want to go peacefully. Although their nature is to follow without questioning, they don’t like it when the tried and true for them is look at with doubt.

The old ways are old and tired. To conserve things as they have been is not the way ahead. The echo chamber of the lifeless ideas still shouts but today’s minds are much more occupied.

The days of blindly following are dropping by the wayside because evolution is calling. The ways of might makes right are bucking those that would challenge but the heartless cannot lead with passion.

Come towards the light of awakening, of questioning the status quo, of greater expectations for what is possible. The juice of life flows in the sweetness of nectar from an open heart and a seeking mind. There is only delight in the now, only peace in the present.

Stand aside and let the once grand battle of ego-ideology whimper itself out, the weapons created in these delusions now could ruin everything but greater awareness will win out. Leadership for this new way is now coming into the knowing of many who not long ago spun hopelessly in the culture of things and mindless distraction.

Down the hallway, out into the streets, the game of competition melts away as the aliveness of many welcome the differences of all. Unity, collaboration, creativity, compassion, consciousness, and the greater realization of connectedness now points the way for the transformation of this century of deeper knowing.

If the truth be told it must first be found beyond the past limits of ideas and beliefs. These are times that must wipe the chart clean of the stale and misunderstood. Opinions have become as empty as the souls claiming to know.

What next?

Listen inward, find what makes us feel alive and energized.

Turn to others and listen to the rhythm of co-creation.

Move toward share solutions, the bigger picture for generations ahead, the rightness of kindness, of listening to understand, relax into what feels natural, turn away the programmed distractions and find instead the authenticity of what is real and of value.

Marvel at the resourcefulness of those that would have us all in control by entangling us in the web of unimportance and false differences. The real is never entertainment or diversion.

Explore what is possible. Rest in the space between thoughts. Linger long enough to know what is sure for you. This knowing is beyond ordinary thinking. It feels more like truth with a big warm batch of chocolate chip cookies. Long-winded explanation are not needed.

Then along the way, things release that need to go away, past bumps smooth out, matter takes care of what doesn’t matter.

Now sleep is deep, dreams are alive with insight.

Life becomes the joy of the moment, the kindness of meaningful connections, whispers of inspiration, and the sense of what is possible expands.

And the walls come tumbling down.