How You Can Turn A Very Big Thought Into A Very Big Life

The big thought I had in mind for today is. “I am in the universe; the universe is in me.

I am not sure where I first heard this idea. It might have been at a presentation by Deepak Chopra a few years ago. The idea that the universe is in me challenged my imagination to make sense of such an amazing possibility.

In my attempts to comprehend the vastness of this idea I explored visualizing the universe inside of me. These visualizations took me into very expansive places that filled me with energy and aliveness. 

The best way to get a sense of what I am talking about is for you to have a similar experience.  Here is the practice I use:

No Me

Warning: Reading this can throw a wrench into how you view yourself and the world. 

I was standing around a fire with some friends as our weekly morning men’s group was coming to an end. We were offering intentions to the fire as is the tradition in the world of sacred fires. Fires of this nature are wonderful for releasing the past, and seeding intentions for the future. 

I joined in. I wish for safety and success for friends as they headed off to lead a shamanic journey to sacred sites in Mexico. I also offered intentions for the well-being of all on the planet and as I always do, for peace in the world.  When it came to personal intentions, I drew a blank and didn’t think much of it. 

As I was driving home this phrase came to me with resonating clarity, “No Me.

A Meeting With Awareness

Today was a very sunny day here at the coast, actually warm if you sat in the sun.  I decided to do an experiment in being aware in the moment. I hope this account of awareness might show you what you can notice by being fully present.

The noise of the ocean was present in waves of sound

My stomach talked to me about what I had for lunch

The warmth of the sun on my skin was comforting

I felt the chilled breeze off the Pacific as it surrounded me

There were moments of stillness and then thoughts coming and going

Crows always had something to say

The Possibilities In You Are Endless.

How can you get out of your own way and remove the inner barriers to explore all that is possible?

What would you life be like if you allowed the following truths about you to become fully realized?

You are:

Pure awareness

A bright light

Unconditional, endless love

Infinite and eternal

Pure presence

In unity with all of life

A soul having a human experience

Stillness and peace

Bliss waiting to be experienced

Joy and happiness

Grace waiting to be expressed

One with the Source

Free to be anything you want

One with beauty of nature

The expanding universe

Compassion for all

A difference maker

Acceptance and appreciation

How do you realize these true qualities of your nature as a human being?

Sit is stillness and be guided.

How I Expanded Into Vastness While Watching Ocean Waves Come and Go

I am very excited about the fresh perspective I have gained through my readings lately. One book particularly (Awakening In the West by J. Lumiere-Wins and L.M. Lumiere) shares some fascinating perspective from people like you and me having experiences of spiritual awakening.

I now better understand how we create freedom for ourselves so we can get out of our own way.

These stories of awakening have a common theme of non-dual awareness. Non-dual awareness is realizing that the nature of your mind and the Universe are non-dual, they are one. With this awareness you awaken to the infinite and eternal within you.

My favorite descriptive word so far about non-dual is “vastness.” The most inspirational understanding so far about the non-dual experience is one of stillness-wave-stillness

Let me share why this all matters to you.