A Meeting With Awareness

Today was a very sunny day here at the coast, actually warm if you sat in the sun.  I decided to do an experiment in being aware in the moment. I hope this account of awareness might show you what you can notice by being fully present.

The noise of the ocean was present in waves of sound

My stomach talked to me about what I had for lunch

The warmth of the sun on my skin was comforting

I felt the chilled breeze off the Pacific as it surrounded me

There were moments of stillness and then thoughts coming and going

Crows always had something to say

My pen on the white lined paper flowed easily

My body felt the texture of the outdoor chair

The sun sparkled on the ocean like a billion diamonds

The wondrous qualities of the nature around me sent me into appreciation

I also felt gratitude for the beautiful day

I was impressed by the architecture of the spider web

Voices from across the street at the beach caught my attention

My mind kept wondering about our neighbors and how they are doing

I felt my body move with my breath

I noticed the endless incoming and outgoing traffic of bees going into a hole in the porch roof had ended

A bug crawling up my leg until I chased it away

I had an urge to get up and check something in the oven. It passed. Then it came back and I left my awareness experiment on hold.

In all this awareness, no judging was going on. I was just being present to what is. My mind slowed down. This felt peaceful and soothing.

I was in unconditional acceptance of what was. It felt like being fully home in the moment.

The ego-mind was quiet. There was no need to be right. Everything that is – is.

If I listen, the natural world often affirms or confirms who I am. The cawing of the crows in timing with personal insights deserves a thank you for the acknowledgment. I make it a habit of hearing the Universe sending its messages of support. There is such reassurance that way.

My thoughts want to fill the void in these moments of quiet. If however  I acknowledge these thoughts they seems to melt away.

Thoughts tend to block out awareness because they leave little room for it. Sometimes both happen spontaneously.

If I need mental first aide, mindfulness in following my breath is a quick resuscitation. I slow down and become quiet with the breath as my ally.

When I breathe in it expands my body and my experience of the now.

When I breathe out it feels like relaxation, release and letting go.

Focusing on the breath naturally deepens it.

In the awareness and stillness, where self-judging disappears, peace expands, the heart opens and the mind quiets. I feel free.

Now a slight mist springs up from the surface of the Pacific and begins to head towards where I sit in this awareness. Soon the sun will be lost and the chill kept at bay by the warmth will push me back inside.

Just before I get up, a fast car flies by and a rush of youth visits me. No regrets in this moment about the lost youth. A youthful and healthy mind has not limits.

No vitamin D supplements needed today. I am sun vitalized.

It’s ocean curtain time as the chill lifts me up out of my chair. Might be time for an afternoon nap.

Be aware, be well.