This That Is

I looked at myself in the mirror and had to smile. I have never felt more alive and filled with such joy. These past 14 months of retreat here at the Oregon coast have been such a wonderful gift.

We moved here because my intuition told me where to go. This inner voice even picked out a place for us to live. The house is imperfect like us but the beauty and grace of the natural world is pure perfection.

I have read and written, explored, meditated, walking in awareness and just been at peace for most of the retreat. Over the last couple of months everything began to shift as I move from exploring expansive ideas to being expanded.

Ideas are powerful and stretching the mind and heart is helpful. However what really began to shift things were moments of pure awareness where all the stories and experiences dropped away. The self-definitions no longer seemed necessary. The ordinary mind sat and took a rest so that my higher mind could interact with the infinite mind of the Universe.

As the “I” got out of the way there was This That Is. Pure awareness, vastness, eternity, vibrating energy, expanding light, endless love, the purest joy, a freedom to be without limits and a friendly river of peace, all became who I was in the moment.

Now I am ready to go back out into the world. My sense of what that will look like is becoming clearer. There is this knowing that will start having meetings where others are invited to join in awareness and together we can encounter the infinite, the soul realm, and the world of endless possibilities.

As the preparation and writing continue I am inviting you to explore these ideas:

Your life is your creation.

With a little encouragement and a willingness to explore, there is world out there waiting for your unique genius to be expressed. 

My invitation to you is to look in the mirror and find:

  • That which is eternal
  • The bright light that is your essence
  • The pure joy of your being
  • The kind lover full of compassion for all
  • The passion for your unique expression
  • The real freedom waiting for you
  • The deep peace of your soul
  • The oneness with all of life
  • The vastness of the universe

I will be back with more ideas in a few days. Have an awesome week.