No Me

Warning: Reading this can throw a wrench into how you view yourself and the world. 

I was standing around a fire with some friends as our weekly morning men’s group was coming to an end. We were offering intentions to the fire as is the tradition in the world of sacred fires. Fires of this nature are wonderful for releasing the past, and seeding intentions for the future. 

I joined in. I wish for safety and success for friends as they headed off to lead a shamanic journey to sacred sites in Mexico. I also offered intentions for the well-being of all on the planet and as I always do, for peace in the world.  When it came to personal intentions, I drew a blank and didn’t think much of it. 

As I was driving home this phrase came to me with resonating clarity, “No Me.” My first response was, “Yes.” I immediately recognized a new truth for me - who I have been attached to as myself is fading.

There was “no me” at the intention part of the fire. The “I” had dropped away and my awareness was one with all of life. There is an energy of excitement flowing through me as this sentence is written.

Excited because this represents an integration of the inner work I have been exploring.

In my early adulthood, as I began to awaken to who I was beyond my ego-mind, I discovered a wonderful teacher - Ram Dass. One of the statements I often heard from him was, “I am in nobody training.

Nobody training and “no me” are close cousins. “Nobody” and “no me” are about shrinking the ego, about moving toward the full realization of non-dual awareness – oneness with the eternal and infinite, with all beings, with the wisdom of the universe.

All these words just used to express this “no me” state at best are pointers. They point towards what is the ultimate reality, which is not able to be understood at the level of ordinary mind. Writing about what is difficult to be understood by the ordinary mind obviously is complicated. 

What is becoming clear to my awareness is that awakening is fresh each day. There is no state of presence that stays static. The exploration of non-dual awareness is always changing and expanding as long as my attention is present.

This process of awakening is ongoing. No giant fireworks, just the expanding light of a fresh day-to-day realization of that which is infinite and eternal within.

Last night I sang under the dark blue sky to my brother and sister stars a new mantra – no me, no me, noooo me. (Before you write me off because of my wierdness, read on because we are not that different.)

As this voice sang out, I felt a deep union with all of life on the planet and with the creative source from which we all sprang.

Inside there is a deep call to share this with you because I know there is a longing in you too. That longing is different in each of us. In my awareness there is a sense that we all want to realize more of the light and love in our daily lives, more fully express our unique greatness, and live in ways that make a positive difference.

My journey of seeking and exploring has gifted me with much understanding into the truth of who we are and what is possible. Please let me know how my expanded sense of knowing can assist you to realize what in your heart wants to be expressed.