What The World Needs Now Is Love, Sweet Love

Remember that song from the 60's? You can hear it here. The song was about a world with too little love in it when there could be so much more. 

That song is right and you know it. What of the world’s problems wouldn’t be so much better off with a big dose of love? I am not talking that mushy stuff. I am talking about the kind of love that is without conditions, that is endless, and that resides in our hearts waiting each day for a fuller expression.

Can you feel that call of love?

If you can’t, it is time to take out a jackhammer and knock down that wall you have constructed around your heart. Hearts are not meant to be protected they are meant to be open and sharing everywhere they go.

If your head is the way of the heart, turn off the self-criticism. 

If fear holds your heart back, question your thoughts.

If your past is blocking your loving expression, let it go.

If you feel you can’t find anyone to love, take a look in the mirror.

One of my favorite teachers about love was Leo Buscaglia. He wrote a number of books and was popular speaker that drew large audiences. Love is a very popular topic. Inside we feel that giving and receiving love is what our life is about.

We are here to love. If you feel confused about your purpose focus on making your life about expressing love. If you lack passion find ways to put love into everything you do.

Love is a solution to the world problems and it works like this:

If you love those around you, together you can work through any difficulties.
If politics had love and compassion as a guiding principle, the world will be so much better off.
If religions actually followed love as a guiding force, they would be a huge positive force in the world.
If countries followed the guidance of love, all conflicts could be resolves and war would cease to exist.
If corporations were run by love they would put people first - not profits.
If government was directed by compassion, there would be less jails, more treatment, less red-tape, and more support for those in need.
If love was guiding our world, there would be healthcare, housing and food for everyone.

My hope is that we all tune inward and locate the warmth and energy of our heart. Then spread that awesomeness everywhere we go. Our combined love will bring healing and expanded possibilities to even the most difficult of situations in the world.

Let your love shine. Invite others to share their love and everything else will work out just fine.