When was the last time you looked in the mirror and saw the infinite?

Today I have a special message just for you. Yes you, the person reading this. You might wonder, “How do I know you?

Well to keep this simple, let’s say I know you because you and I are one. We share the same collective consciousness. Our souls are connected. Our hearts have the same infinite love waiting to be expressed. We come from the same source.

I could go on but I think you get the picture. Beyond our separate stories there is so much we share.

Not only do I know you, I know what is possible within you. That is why I am writing to you today. I came to invite you to realize more of what you long to be.

Would you imagine that when you read my words that your awareness is speaking to you? I ask you to do this because we also share the same capacity to be aware.

Our shared awareness has asked me to encourage you in the following ways:

First – It is time to listen to your heart. You have so much more to give in the ways of compassion, kindness and love and you ache inside to express that.

It is time to love with reckless abandon. You can love everyone all the time and still have more love to give.

Second – It is also time to listen to your intuition, your quiet inner voice of knowing. You have this vast and all knowing source of wisdom inside that is waiting to guide you.

If you commit to listening and following that knowing there is absolutely no limit to what you can make happen in your life.

Third – Your mind is a wonderful asset but it needs a little fine-tuning. It is time to question all your thoughts that limit you. This means all beliefs and thoughts that create worry and fear.

You are not your thoughts or beliefs. If they are in your way, question them. You are unlimited so any thoughts that limit you are false. You can set yourself free forever by eliminating old ideas that hold you back.

Fourth – There is a part of you that is infinite and eternal. You could call it your soul or spirit or whatever you want. This expanded Self is in truth who you really are.

Look in the mirror next time you face one and go in search of this that is eternal and infinite; this that is pure love, pure joy, pure freedom and pure potential. This will be an encounter that will change you sense of self forever.

Fifth – The above four ways of knowing and being will richly enhance your life. There is one further step you can take if you feel ready for the greatest liberation. You can leave behind your sense of an individual “I.”

This means you actually move into the ultimate realization that there is no you. Instead try oneness, vastness, presence and endless light, love, and grace. Now you’re home.

P.S. If you want help in learning to hear the wisdom inside and how to get out of your way, these 5 ways above will work wonders. If you could use some assistance, I am a gentle kind soul available to listen, encourage and inspire.