How You Can Turn A Very Big Thought Into A Very Big Life

The big thought I had in mind for today is. “I am in the universe; the universe is in me.

I am not sure where I first heard this idea. It might have been at a presentation by Deepak Chopra a few years ago. The idea that the universe is in me challenged my imagination to make sense of such an amazing possibility.

In my attempts to comprehend the vastness of this idea I explored visualizing the universe inside of me. These visualizations took me into very a expansive place that filled me with energy and aliveness. 

The best way to get a sense of what I am talking about is for you to have a similar experience.  Here is the practice I use:

Lie on your back in a comfortable place. Count back slowly from 10 to 0 while suggesting to yourself that with each breath you will relax more deeply.

In this relaxed state imagine yourself standing under the stars and appreciating the beauty of such a wonderful night sky. Then begin to imagine that the sky you see is inside of you.

This is a big leap to imagine such an idea so explore it easily with the intention of having an enjoyable experience. Feel you as vastness that contains the entire universe. Let your imagination take you anywhere on this journey that you want to go.

When you are ready come back to the present moment and notice how you feel. Notice also what you are aware of as you look around.

When you have entertained a very big idea, the world around you can look very different. This seems to happen because you are standing in a new place of perception, looking at the world from a fresh perspective. 

Over the last year I have explored this idea within the context of non-dual awareness. This idea of non-duality has given me a way to comprehend the universe in me. There is a disappearance of self and a oneness I experience with all of life when I am in a state of awareness. 

Why all this matters to you:

* You are so much more than you allow yourself to believe you are. You are bigger then you largest ideas and your biggest dreams of what is possible. Too often you settle for far less than you can be.

* You are capable of such expansive ideas but too often you are stuck in the same old thoughts. You believe you can’t so you don’t. You doubt you can so you don’t try.

* You don’t even realize there is a consciousness available to you that will blow your mind. Instead you wander down Ordinary Lane thinking this is the best it gets.

* You have this capacity to shift your life but you don’t take the risk and you play it safe. You let the fear of the unknown win instead of taking chances on something inside that is calling you.

* You could actually take a very expansive idea like the one above and expand every part of your life by living into this idea. Imagine how all your self-limits dissolve when you realize the universe of all things is inside of you.

* You can leave ordinary behind and move to extraordinary by expanding your mind and opening your heart to bigger and better. If you can conceive it then you are open to receive it. You as the universe can make anything happen.

* You as awareness, as oneness with everything, as all there is, can live in non-dual awareness. In this awareness you are everything and in that place of all-ness there are infinite ways to express yourself.

* You can have so much more fun living big than living small. Living big means you do you fully, you express your unique greatness for the benefit of all of us and you can be very happy living this way.

As you explore big ideas you grow in what you see is possible. In that bigger picture you open yourself to a much fuller and rewarding expression of who you are.

I am still working my way into the fullest realization of this idea. I will keep you posted. Let me know how this idea invites more in you to come out into the world.