Energy Rising, Expanding, Surging – What The Heck Is Going On

Holy Mole there has been a surge of interesting motivation running through me recently.  I already workout and write everyday but I find myself wanting to do more.

Maybe writing a novel in November got the juices flowing. Wow that was fun as I wrote about my life in the future through the main character.

Maybe the frustration of feeling like my workouts have flattened out and pushed a get-into-gear button inside. Holiday sweets are looming and the beltline could be booming.

Or maybe my now 15 months of inner work since moving here has activated new levels of life force for whatever I do. This has been a most amazing life-altering and awakening stretch. I feel so alive and filled with joy.

As I look at the ocean today on a sometimes stormy, sometimes blue-sky day, I realize I see things very clearly. This seeing is both about vision and about a fresh new perspective about who I am and what life is about. Let me explain this and what it has to do with energy and motivation.

Seeing for me can vary moment to moment. In the present I see clearly and am deeply aware of my surroundings and myself. I see and sense everything vividly, even noticing colors and patterns that are often in the background. Not only do I see more but feel more connected to everything.

Other times I can be so lost in thought that I barely see what is going on around me. More like being on automatic, run by a schematic of conditioning.

Today, I see from a place called the now, which is like a huge power station activating impulses of love, joy, light, and creativity. Being in the now provides all the resources I need for personal realization. This is where meaning and purpose pop like a Fourth of July night.

Motivation only exists in this moment and energy only flows in this moment. So if you and I are present to the here and now then we have everything we need to do what we are called to do.

I write most powerfully when I am fully present to the inspiration that is waiting for me. The same is true about working out. The best runs and the most powerful drive towards fitness come from me activating the focus of the now.

However, it isn’t really the “doing” in the now, it is more the “being” in the moment that matters.  This pureness of being makes everything we participate in more alive, energized and filled with joy. 

This all has to do with the quality of my presence in the present, my be-here now-ness. Me free to be.

Living fully engaged in the moment is very energizing and inspirational. In this elevated space I feel I can do and be anything that matters to me.


I have gone on-and-on about myself you might wonder what does this all have to do with you. To start with you can have the whole shebang (energy, motivation, presence etc) now by fully engaging the present moment.

Inner work is not necessary. Right now the universe is waiting for you to be present. When you are, the universe readily joins you in making the things happen you want.

If you doubt this, and you should if you mind is a questioning one, then here’s an experiment:

Tomorrow, before you get out of bed, decide to have a good day. Then throughout your day watch how the universe offers you guidance through the choices it presents.

These choices help shape your experience.  Healthy choices usual come with great energy to encourage your success. 

In the now there is always choices of yes or no, of this or that, of opening or closing, of listening to your intuition or ignoring it, of responding to your thoughts or changing them, and many other choices you can be conscious of. These choices color and determine how you interact with all aspects of your life.

These moment-by-moment choices happen because the universe is partnering with you as you navigate your way through your day. As you align with the guidance of the universe your inspiration and effectiveness jump into high gear.

Right now you have everything you need to thrive and to manifest the good feelings and results you desire.

How do you get to now you might wonder? Nowness practice isn’t really practice, it is more of a release of the accumulate baggage of a lifetime and a return to your true nature.

A simple way to leave the baggage behind and access who you really are: Sit, have a drink of water and enter into a conversation with your higher nature. Start with getting to know this inner voice of infinite wisdom. Ask questions and be open to the responses that will come to you. 

Using a journal while having this conversation works well. Ask a question and let the spontaneous writing serve as a communications channel. Get out of the way and the voice of knowing responds almost effortlessly.

One cautionary note: there is an ego voice also and it is not so wise sometimes. The difference is easy to detect. The voice of the ego has a tone of authority, often it is run by fear and it is about having more power and control. The voice of your higher nature is kind, supportive and relaxed with its only concern to help you be more self-realized. 

Life is an energetic and uplifting possibility if you live each day as fully present as you can be. Nothing matters as much as that.