Energy Rising, Expanding, Surging – What The Heck Is Going On

Holy Mole there has been a surge of interesting motivation running through me recently.  I already workout and write everyday but I find myself wanting to do more.

Maybe writing a novel in November got the juices flowing. Wow that was fun as I wrote about my life in the future through the main character.

Maybe the frustration of feeling like my workouts have flattened out and pushed a get-into-gear button inside. Holiday sweets are looming and the beltline could be booming.

Or maybe my now 15 months of inner work since moving here has activated new levels of life force for whatever I do. This has been a most amazing life-altering and awakening stretch. I feel so alive and filled with joy.

Why Your Addiction To Doing Is Sabotaging Your Life

If you want to know if you are addicted to doing, here’s the test: Take 30 minutes and do nothing. Watch how your body reacts. Notice where your thoughts go and notice what feelings get stirred up.

As you do nothing: your mind races, your body feels uncomfortable and your emotions are like a rollercoaster. Just like the addicts I use to work with in my previous job.

Actually these reactions are not generated by a true addictive withdrawal but more by the ego-mind feeling it’s loosing control.

Why Living In The Now Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do

It wasn’t a slap in the face or a shout from the heavens but I knew this message was important for me.  The bright sunny morning walk on the beach was quiet. I was tuned inward. I was breathing and walking mindfully when a clear, quiet message came in via my intuition.

The message said, “Welcome to this moment. Your work at this time is to live fully in the now. Nothing is more important than doing so. All that you will do for the rest of your life will flow from this focus of living in the now.”

Moments later I found a large, beautiful agate that now sits on my desk. My wife calls these stones, ocean stars. Right now as I write this, my agate serves as a reminder that being present is where I need to be.

Why does this matter to you?

To Be Present

This moment is all that matters in life.

If you are fully present, you are a gift to the world.

Here and the now is the only place where things can happen.

If your mind resides in the now, true joy, love, peace and freedom are possible.

In this moment your thoughts determine your experience of life.

The past no longer exists; memories are thoughts in this moment.

You never arrive at the future because you never leave the now.

Fear, worry and anxiety can only come into your life when your thinking is trying to place you in the past or the future. The mind has the ability to take you out of being present but it can never remove you from the reality of the now.

If you spend too much time regretting the past and worrying about the future you may totally miss out in living the joy of the present moment.

Many people live with the mindset of once I finish school, or once I am in love, or once I have a family, or once I have a good job, or once I am a millionaire, I will be happy, but they will never find happiness except in the now.

All possibilities only exist in the now.

Practice: Now in this moment, only be aware of your breath, breathe in and feel you body fill with oxygen, pause, then breathe out and feel your body release, pause, and then breathe in again. Whenever you take a moment to follow this cycle of the breath, you bring yourself fully into the infinite possibilities of being fully present in your life.

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Entering The Stream

I am blessed to live in a beautiful place where nature touches me deeply each day. There is a stream I often walk into that crosses our beach as it enters the ocean. I love stepping into the flow of this clear aliveness. It is as if I am renewed and realigned in some essential way.  Nature has that capacity. I am sure you have noticed that.

Since moving here I have come to feel my connection with nature like never before. I realize that all that surrounds me is also within me.

I join with the flow of the stream.

I breathe in the negative ions of the ocean that naturally uplift.

The forests that surround us nurture me.

I drink from the stream of life with gratitude for the gift of living each day.

I am water; my body is much more like a stream with cells flowing than something fixed and inflexible. 

I feel great appreciation for the beauty of the world around me I am enriched by it. My heart and my mind both wonder how can I begin to give back all I am given.

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Check This Out: A few days ago I listen to a TED Talk by Paul Gilding titled: The Earth Is Full.  It shook me up like a rude wake up call. I knew things were not going well as far as our human impact on the planet but this was too much reality to be ignored.  I would encourage you to listen to Paul Gildings talk.

I hope you will consider joining me and together we can enter the stream of life and look out for each other.