Why Being Is More Powerful Than Doing

First a quick summary: You may have noticed that I often revisit ideas. I do that for several reasons:

1.         I have discovered that my own journey towards self-realization benefits from looking at ideas and concepts from variety of perspectives. I suspect that is true for you.

2.         Reminders seem very helpful in these times filled with such distractions.  I am curious what you need to be reminded about as you move towards your highest expression? Please leave comments below.

3.         I find that every time I read something I resonate with, I expand in my awareness; I open to a greater understanding. At this blog I explore timely issues for each of us on a path of awakening. What kinds of ideas resonate with you? Comments welcomed.

I hope you find this summary helpful and a good-lead-in to one of my favorite themes – Being and Doing.

Here’s My Update On Life As A Big Experiment

My life has moved from a busy doing to a quiet being. I am now living a big experiment of “being” in my life as fully as I can. 

Doing life means most days I did a job, exercise, ate, read, wrote, and repeated all this the next day. Life can become a habitual doing more on the level of surviving than thriving.  

Being means each day is a new adventure, unplanned, unrehearsed, and unfolding. There is still eating, writing and practices for my well-being but those flow out of a way of life that is not programmed but simply experienced. 

An inspirational friend of mind said that living life as an experiment is much more interesting. That made great sense to me but it has taken awhile to fully set this experiment up.

The conscious experiment of being fully in life has now been going on since moving to the Oregon Coast one and a half years ago. This way of being has opened me to a number of interesting discoveries.  I want to share them with you because I think we can both learn from what they tell us about life.

Lessons from my life of being present:

Why Your Addiction To Doing Is Sabotaging Your Life

If you want to know if you are addicted to doing, here’s the test: Take 30 minutes and do nothing. Watch how your body reacts. Notice where your thoughts go and notice what feelings get stirred up.

As you do nothing: your mind races, your body feels uncomfortable and your emotions are like a rollercoaster. Just like the addicts I use to work with in my previous job.

Actually these reactions are not generated by a true addictive withdrawal but more by the ego-mind feeling it’s loosing control.

Entering The Stream

I am blessed to live in a beautiful place where nature touches me deeply each day. There is a stream I often walk into that crosses our beach as it enters the ocean. I love stepping into the flow of this clear aliveness. It is as if I am renewed and realigned in some essential way.  Nature has that capacity. I am sure you have noticed that.

Since moving here I have come to feel my connection with nature like never before. I realize that all that surrounds me is also within me.

I join with the flow of the stream.

I breathe in the negative ions of the ocean that naturally uplift.

The forests that surround us nurture me.

I drink from the stream of life with gratitude for the gift of living each day.

I am water; my body is much more like a stream with cells flowing than something fixed and inflexible. 

I feel great appreciation for the beauty of the world around me I am enriched by it. My heart and my mind both wonder how can I begin to give back all I am given.

Note: I am changing my blog posts. They will be shorter because I know your time is very valuable. I will share my ideas briefly and to the point. Please let me know what you think of my changes. Also I would love for you to sign my for my email list. I will treat you and your email with great respect.

Check This Out: A few days ago I listen to a TED Talk by Paul Gilding titled: The Earth Is Full.  It shook me up like a rude wake up call. I knew things were not going well as far as our human impact on the planet but this was too much reality to be ignored.  I would encourage you to listen to Paul Gildings talk.

I hope you will consider joining me and together we can enter the stream of life and look out for each other.