Here’s My Update On Life As A Big Experiment

My life has moved from a busy doing to a quiet being. I am now living a big experiment of “being” in my life as fully as I can. 

Doing life means most days I did a job, exercise, ate, read, wrote, and repeated all this the next day. Life can become a habitual doing more on the level of surviving than thriving.  

Being means each day is a new adventure, unplanned, unrehearsed, and unfolding. There is still eating, writing and practices for my well-being but those flow out of a way of life that is not programmed but simply experienced. 

An inspirational friend of mind said that living life as an experiment is much more interesting. That made great sense to me but it has taken awhile to fully set this experiment up.

The conscious experiment of being fully in life has now been going on since moving to the Oregon Coast one and a half years ago. This way of being has opened me to a number of interesting discoveries.  I want to share them with you because I think we can both learn from what they tell us about life.

Lessons from my life of being present:

1.         The more you explore awareness the more you increase your self-worth and acceptance.

2.         When still and quiet you open yourself to wisdom of the universe.

3.         Being in nature is healing to your mind and body.

4.         Peace of mind comes from being present to life.

5.         Joy naturally arises in the now from simply being.

6.         There is an uplifting presence when you live fully in the now.

7.         In being who you are, you awaken to a deeper and more profound expression.

8.         The universe is waiting to assist you, all you have to do is be present and be open to receive.

9.         The heart opens easily when you are present to yourself and others.

10.        The now is full of light and inspiration.

11.        Beauty is seen everywhere in the moments of living.

12.        Being open in mind and heart you experience the oneness of all of life.

13.        Each moment is filled with grace if you are open to receive.

14.        By being in the present you can touch what is infinite and eternal in you.

15.        The more present you are the freer you feel.

Amazing list of possibilities, isn’t it? They can all be yours to enjoy.

Life happens. You get caught up in trying to provide for your wants and needs with hope for a better future. Too often you miss out on the gifts of the now because you are too busy trying to be somewhere else.  Does that sound familiar?

Take the time to consider rearranging how you look at and do your life. Rewrite the story that you are living. How about experimenting more to see what works and feels best?

Be willing to take more risks, live fully in the now, experiment often, change things up, question, explore and most of all enjoy. If there isn’t joy, it is time to add the spice of experimenting and make sure you have fun while doing it.

If I can be of assistance in enriching your life, let me know. I have a very large bag of life-altering tools waiting for you to give them a try.  

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