Why You Were Born At This Time In History

There is a growing choir of voices that seems to be abuzz about the need for real change. If you have a questioning mind you most likely have joined this choir. Questioning is powerful because it provokes awareness in you.

With awareness you see beyond the surface. You see where old ideas and false beliefs get in the way. You understand the powerful role emotions play in directing the world and your life.

Presently the dominant paradigm is breaking down. The ego-mind based decisions, that for too long have dictated all our systems, are no longer sustainable. More expanded minds and hearts are called for to lead the way.

When 1% of the population collectively understands the need for real change, the ideas about that change begin to spread across the planet. We are presently beyond that 1%.

When 10% of us understand the need for real change, the ideas promoting change become unstoppable. We appear to be nearing that globally.

The dominant paradigm in place now senses this wave growing, and that causes more reactionary responses and the louder drumbeat of fundamentalism. This is the survival response innate within all of life. This can be a very sticky moment in history.

How do you fit into all of this talk of change?

Each change, each expansion of consciousness, each moment of insight and awareness has a reverberation affect on the collective mindset. In other words when you become more conscious it directly expands the collective consciousness.

There are many ways to grow your awareness, expand your consciousness and awaken from the trance of conditioning and habits.

This blog is full of specific practices and ideas (to date over 1600 posts) to invite you to be a more aware, conscious and awake human being. This is what I mean by exploring life.

There are a number of qualities that would indicate you’ve had moments of awakening or have utilized awareness to expand.

Here are qualities that seem most valuable for both personal expansion and to be a positive force for change in the world:

You experience true peace of mind

You understand that we are all connected to each other

You live as fully as possible in the now

You share a vibration, a presence wherever you go

You live as an authentic human being

You give and receive fully from the heart

You express compassion for all beings

You live with a passionate purpose

You realize joy and love as your true expression

You live in ever expanding awareness

You listen with compassion, acceptance and free of judging

You are patient with self and others

You listen inward and are guided by intuition/higher mind

You find comfort in stillness

You keep questioning and are in search of the truth

This list will grow as you expand in awareness and consciousness. Even just a moment of experiencing the above qualities takes you and the rest of us higher.

On Last Very Important Note: You being you as fully as you can be - may be the most powerful force for change in the world.