No More Holding Back

Do you ever hold yourself back? Most of us do. How do you get in your own way?  Let’s explore why that happens and what you can do about it.

It happens because throughout your life you are being programmed and much of that programming is false. Not only is it false but it goes unquestioned.

What this means is, you have false ideas and beliefs running your life all day, every day and you are not even aware that’s going on.

Are you ready for a healthier expression of you?

You are programmed to think that you:

Should not ask for what you want.
Should make due with what is.
Should be quiet and not seen.
Should not feel certain feelings
Should not have certain thoughts.
Should not be selfish and want what others don’t have.
Should seek the approval of others over self-approval.
Should get along with others even if they treat you poorly.
Should do as those in authority tell you to do.
Should keep busy
Should not relax because there is too much to do
Should do as you are told.
Should struggle to make things work.
Should not ask questions.
Should be modest.
Should not cause trouble.
Should not have a big ego (in this case shouldn’t be confident).
Should not question your beliefs.
Should not feel good about yourself.
Should not do as others do.
Should not sin or you will burn in hell.
Should be more serious and not have fun.

There are many more of these shoulds and should not’s you, I, and everyone were taught growing up. Isn’t it time to eliminate these limits once and for all?

I want to invite you to notice how often you get in your way. Become aware, change your thinking and move on.

Kindly, with compassion for self, leave the past behind and step around all those shoulds and should nots.


Let your light shine

Let you energy flow

Let your love expand

Take risks

Have fun, laugh often, smile all the time

Do things with boldness

Challenge yourself

Be loud enough to be heard

Stand up for what your believe in

Live by what matters, what you value

Go from cautious to passionately expressed

Go from holding back to boldly stepping forward

Jump into things with all you have

Move past fear with courage

Push past resistance

Drop all self-doubt

Express who you are creatively

Walk with determination

Trust in all things working out

Live now, be present to each moment as fully as possible

Live in constant appreciation and gratitude

Have a purpose and live it fully

Commit to being extraordinary

Strive to be aware at all times

Have clear intentions

Love and totally accept yourself each day

Set a goal to be have more freedom

Let your spirit soar

Move with strength

Expect respect

Listen and follow you intuition

Question everything

Be more, want more, keep expanding

Now go out there and make things happen with lots of heart and the power of a person who has something of great value to offer the world.  

PS: You are awesome, greatness and genius waiting to be discovered. Let me know if I can be of assistance in bringing all of that out in you.