Why You Don’t Need To Live in Fear, Be Anxious And Worry Anymore

Recently an encounter with several people who were angry and fearful brought a clear question to my mind. How did they allow their thoughts to cause such anger, fear and discomfort?

This may challenge you but - all fear and worry are self-created. Your thinking generates them. Yes there are occasional situations (a train coming as your car stalls on the tracks) in which fear is a natural response but almost all fear is born within your thoughts.

The opposite of fear, worry and anxiety is being at peace, being open, observing, and trusting.  Changing your thoughts can bring peace, allow you to be open and just observe what is going on. 

Not getting caught up in the drama of the moment is such a relief. Try trusting things will work out and watch how they do.

Ultimately it is very liberating to come to the awareness that you are fully responsible for what you think and how you feel. Yes, blame is very tempting but really it is just an avoidance of responsibility. 

You might wonder - how do I take back my power and stop pointing outward when things are not how I want them to be? How do I bring more consciousness to this process?

Self-awareness is the key.

First - Begin by listening to the stream of words, thoughts and inner dialogue going on in your mind. Get to know the tone of your inner conversations, thinking patterns you fall into, and the origin of the voices guiding you.

Fear’s source is the ego-mind wanting more control over everything. Worry and anxiety both come out of not feeling in control. This is the workings of the ego-mind.

Second - Pay attention to your feelings. Note how the thoughts you have lead directly to the emotions you experience. There is always a direct link between thinking and feeling.

Feelings when acknowledged dissolve into other feelings. You can let your feelings simply flow through you. All challenging emotions arise in response to your thinking about the past or future.

Third - Live in the now. Now is the best response to worry and fear. In this moment worry drops away and fear is replaced by peace of mind, joy, love, and a sense of freedom.

The goal is to live in the moment as fully as you can. Be aware of your thoughts and how they shape what you feel. Then you can live in the world free of most fear, all worry and not have to be anxious any more.  Wouldn’t that be nice and peaceful?

Being free of the worry and fear is as simple as 1, 2, 3

1.  Be aware of your thoughts and how they shape the moment.

2.  Feel your feelings, note their source and let them go. 

3.  Live in the present where life happens. It is so much easier.

Life is meant to be fun. All you have to do is get your thoughts in order, let your feelings flow and spend as much time as possible enjoying each moment.

Let me know if you have questions or how I might assist you in eliminating fear and worry from your life.