Writing Your Life Story Forward

Recently I promised you several tools to enhance 2013. The first tool is a plan to become the conscious author of your life story.  

In November I experimented with writing a novel that included rewriting my past and writing my future. The experiment went very well. I have noticed that what I wrote for my future is already beginning to come into existence.

Experiences and inner sensations imagined in the writing of the novel are now in my life. I had a sense for what the next phase of my life would feel like. I now feel that.

As I was writing my recent story I also rewound some of the past by creating another view, a kind of bigger picture focused on the benefits of what I learned even in difficult times. The advantage of looking back is that you can usually gain a fresh and larger experience of what happened and what benefited you. 

This process is one of creation. Since you are the creator of your life experience, why not consciously create the experiences you want to have. The heart and mind, your intentions and where you put your attention all are powerful factors of creation.

My offer to you is:

+  I will give you support, encouragement and inspiration in writing the powerful story of what your future will be.

+  I will assist you in putting together a structure for your writing that will enhance your experience.

+  I will provide a way to help you carefully notice where your self-limitations are holding you back. 

Here’s an example of initial supportive structure I would provide:

  • Give yourself a name you might prefer if you could choose your own name.
  • Walk your story into the future. It could begin next week or next year. You could be looking back as you life comes to an end.
  • This story could be the one you tell a grandchild, or as an autobiography or a futuristic novel.
  • Having fun is an essential part of this story. Both in the writing of it (if this is not enjoyable then why do it) and in the character you become as you write. What would truly make you happy? Why not include that?
  • You can include anyone you want in this story. Perhaps a loving partner you hope to find or a travel companion for adventure.
  • You could explore the expression of you unique style or your one-of-a-kind genius. Even the realization of your greatness.
  • You could be as humble as a monk or as outrageous as a diva. 
  • What qualities and values matter to you? How would you live your life so it had purpose and meaning?

There are no limits to the creativity you can explore.

These are the beginning of things I would ask you to consider if you are going to be the author of your life.

Does this interest you? Are you willing to take charge of your own life by laying down a plan of possibilities?

If so, I am offering my services to you as your personal consultant in consciously creating the life you desire. These services come at two levels:

Level One: At this level your receive email support and one individual session monthly.

Level Two: This level includes weekly sessions to process both the writing and the awareness plus questions that arise along the way. It also includes unlimited email support.


$49 per month for one monthly session via phone or skype and email support (one year special of $199.)

$99 per month for weekly individual session for personal process and unlimited email support (one year special of $499.)

I am committed to keeping these prices very reasonable because you moving forward successfully in 2013 matters to me.

Call today or email me to ask questions and to sign up for one of these programs. I can be reached at 541-547-3374 and email is joseph@josephbernardphd.com.

I look forward to assisting you in creating an amazing life for yourself.