What Is Fulfillment For You?

Recently, in a conversation with friends, I had an insight about how each of us had our own ways of seeking fulfillment. That may seem obvious to you but at some level I saw that I had a belief that we all seek to be self-realized. That I found isn’t true.

Fulfillment is an interesting perspective as a way to guide your life. To be fulfilled may not be something you even consider until later in your life.

The qualities of being fulfilled will vary uniquely to your heart’s desire, the guidance of your intuitive voice or through your contact with your soul.  Insights really come from a tuning in process.

You and I get to decide what fulfillment is for us.  We can also redefine what being fulfilled is as we grow older and more aware of what matters.

My observation is that there are certain paths most conducive to making fulfillment possible. Opportunities to experience being fulfilled come to you along these pathways. Your choice is about how you explore and express the different paths.

These are the most traveled paths of fulfillment.  Each vary in intensity as you explore them:

1.     Loving relationships – Expressing your love with your family, your friends, in your world and with yourself.

2.     Making a difference – Going about being a force for change in the world, making the world a better place.

3.     Personal expression – Exploring your growth and potential, and expressing your unique genius.

4.     Creative expression – Inviting and allowing creativity to be expressed through you.

5.     Living with purpose – Exploring what has meaning and purpose for you, and living it.

6.     Enjoying life – Turning life into a happy, fun path using joy as your guide.

7.     Mastery – Mastering the skills and practices of your profession or areas of interest.

8.     Service – Living a life of selflessly service to others and the challenges that go with that.

9.     Spiritual expression – Exploring your higher truths and living according to the call of your soul’s guidance.

10.   Pursuit of Wisdom - Studying and seeking understanding of the great wisdom traditions.

Other possible paths that may turn into fulfilling expression of yourself include: traveling to explore cultures and be a world citizen; pursuing health and well-being; living in appreciation and gratitude and others ways that fill you with a feeling that this is who you are and what you are here to do.

In each of the paths there are many ways for you to express your special calling. It is helpful to think of yourself as having a unique combination of interests, skills, understanding and drive.

Your unique combination is an important and essential part of the healthy expression of humanity.

To know what is fulfilling for you will take listening inward, paying attention to your thoughts and feelings, and exploring different way to explore your inner callings.  As you explore you will sense, know and feel what is right for you. Learning to trust this deeper knowing will serve you well.

As you walk your path of self-fulfillment you will feel alive, inspired and energized. Enjoy and appreciate the blessing of such a life.

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